Museen – Orte des Authentischen? Museums – Places of Authenticity?
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Kimmel, Dominik and Brüggerhoff, Stefan (Eds.): Museen – Orte des Authentischen? Museums – Places of Authenticity?, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2020 (RGZM – Tagungen, Vol. 42).

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ISBN 978-3-948465-97-1 (PDF)

Published 07.12.2020.


Dominik Kimmel and Stefan Brüggerhoff (Eds.)

Museen – Orte des Authentischen? Museums – Places of Authenticity?

RGZM – Tagungen

Museums, but also memorials and cultural heritage sites as well as archives and libraries are the guardians, preservers and labelling institutions of "authentic things" and in many respects at the same time "places of authenticity". Especially against the background of the rapidly developing digital possibilities, they are thus important instances with the claim to preserve and convey the "real" and the "true". This publication provides an insight into the breadth of the discussion on the topos "authenticity" in museums and cultural heritage.
The Volume is based on a series of international conferences of the Leibniz Research Alliance Historical Authenticity, which took place at the Römisch-Germanische Zentralmuseum in Mainz and at the University of Cambridge between 2016 and 2019. It also takes up the discussion of previous publications of the Research Alliance.
56 Authors describe from the most diverse disciplinary perspectives in 43 comprehensive contributions and on the basis of selected case studies the most diverse dimensions of the examination of the phenomenon "authenticity" in collection, research, conservation, restoration, exhibition, learning and virtual presentation. The "types of museums" covered range from natural history- to technical-, art-, university-, research- and biographical museums. But they also go beyond this by including other collecting institutions such as libraries and archives.
The contributions are written in German or English as well as contain summaries in each of these languages. The publication is also available as Open Access e-publication.


Inhalt / Contents
Dominik Kimmel, Stefan Brüggerhoff
Dominik Kimmel, Stefan Brüggerhoff
Editors’ Preface
(nur online)
Dominik Kimmel
Zwischen echten Dingen und Erlebnis
Authentizität als Wert für das Museum der Gegenwart: Eine Einführung
Dominik Kimmel
Between Real Things and Experience
Authenticity as a Value for the Museum of the Present Day: An Introduction (nur online)
G. Ulrich Großmann
Wie authentisch ist authentisch?
Historische Authentizität im Museum
Achim Saupe
Analysing Authentication and Authorisation Processes in Cultural Heritage and the Museum
Hannah-Lee Chalk
Is it Real?
[Does it matter?]: Practising Authenticity in the Natural Sciences
Sandra Kaiser
Vom »Ansehen der Alterthümlichkeit« – über den »Rost« archäologischer Metallobjekte im 19. Jahrhundert
Robert Skwirblies, Mareike Vennen
Remains as Guarantors for Authenticity?
»Raphael Ancaiani« and »Brachiosaurus Brancai« as Star Objects of Berlin’s Museums between the 19th and 21st Centuries
Laura Katharina Steinmüller, Katharina Steudtner
Der Authentizitätsbegriff in der Konservierung und Restaurierung von archäologischen Objekten und Ruinenstätten
Stavroula Golfomitsou
Conservation in the 21st Century: Materials, Concepts and Audiences
Judith Dehail
Conflicting Authenticities in the Museum: The Exhibition of Musical Instruments
Jörn Bohlmann
Museumsschiffe und Schiffe im Museum – Herausforderungen zur Handhabe historischer Authentizität
Sílvia Ferreira
From the Convent to the Museum: The Displacement and Exhibition of Baroque Gilded Woodcarving Altars in Portugal
Heidemarie Uhl
Der Ort als Exponat
Gedenkstätten als Museen am »authentischen« Schauplatz
Sebastian Karnatz, Inga Pelludat
Alles wie neu?
Vom musealen Umgang mit Leerstellen bei der Objektrekonstruktion
Gudrun Kruip
Fascination with the Individual
Biographical Museums at Authentic Places
Michael Farrenkopf, Stefan Siemer
»Getrenntes Bewahren – Gemeinsame Verantwortung«
Der Aufbau eines Informationszentrums für das Erbe des Deutschen Steinkohlenbergbaus
Claus Werner
»Welche Authentizität hätten’s gern?« Authentizität zwischen Sammlungssystematik und Thesaurus
Laura Demeter
Re-evaluating the GDR’s National Cultural Heritage: The Collections of the Museum for German History in Berlin before and after 1989
Uwe R. Brückner, Linda Greci
About the Authenticity of Experiencing
From the Perspective of Scenography
Stefanie Jovanovic-Kruspel
Between Truth and Storytelling: Authenticity in 19th-Century Museum Architecture
Anja Grebe
Authenticity in Context: Historic Displays and Modern Museum Practice
Klára Rudas, Merse Pál Szeredi, Gábor Dobó
The Role of Abstraction in the Strategies of Exhibiting Avant-Garde Journals
Petra Feuerstein-Herz
Text, Werk, Buch, Sammlung – Buchausstellungen und die Frage der historischen Authentizität
Thomas Thiemeyer
Die Aura des Depots
Die Lagerräume der Dinge als politische, epistemische und authentische Orte
Hendrikje Brüning
A Discussion on Authentic Communication: How Museums Convey Knowledge and How this Affects the Perception of Authenticity
Ruth Keller
Wahrnehmung als Erweiterung: Reflexionsraum Oberfläche und seine Erhaltung
Susannah Eckersley
Encountering Authenticity in the Contact Zone?
Museums, Refugees and Participation
Michael Herdick
Protagonists and Localisations of Authenticity in Museums: A Case Study of the Experimental Archaeology of the Mayen Pottery
Sylvia Crumbach
Vom Baumsargfund zum uniformen Urgermanen: Textile Artefakte der Älteren Bronzezeit aus Jütland in Illustration und Rezeption
Kiersten F. Latham
Visitor Perceptions of »The Real Thing« in Museums
Wolfgang Wettengel
»Tutanchamun – Sein Grab und die Schätze«
Ein neuer Weg für eine authentische Präsentation
Annette Tietenberg
Exhibition Copies as an Anachronistic Historical Model and as a Component of Artistic Practice
Panagiotis Poulopoulos
Neither Originals nor Fakes: Reconstructions of Medieval Fiddles at the Fin de Siècle
Susanne Rühling
Monuments for the Ears – Performance and Didactics of Acoustical Events and Musical Culture from the Past
Felicity Strong
Exhibiting the Inauthentic: The Intent to Deceive
Boris Jardine, Joshua Nall, James Hyslop
Learning from Fake Antique Scientific Instruments
Artemis Yagou
Issues of Authenticity in Pocket Watches for the Ottoman Market
Till Töpfer
Authenticity in Natural History Collections: Reflections from a Zoological Research Perspective
Willi E. R. Xylander
Objects in Natural History Collections and their Authenticity in Light of Traditional and New Collection Strategies
Martin Zavesky, Ingmar Franke
»What you see is not what you get«
Zum qualifizierten Einsatz von virtuellen 3D-Darstellungen
Ralf H. Schneider, Caroline Y. Robertson-von Trotha
Die Wirkung digitaler Verfahren auf die Authentizität von Kulturgut
Andreas Hensen
Iuppiter aus dem Brunnen
Erforschung und Sichtbarmachung von römischem Kulturerbe in Lopodunum / Ladenburg
Mieke Pfarr-Harfst
Digital 3D Reconstructed Models in the Museum Context – Are they Authentic?
Dominik Kimmel, Michael Orthwein, Stephan Schwan
Between Reality and Virtuality
Studies on the Authenticity of Realistic Depictions in Museum Learning