Die Zukunft des kunsthistorischen Publizierens
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Grave, Johannes: Reichtum oder Wildwuchs?, in: Effinger, Maria and Kohle, Hubertus (Eds.): Die Zukunft des kunsthistorischen Publizierens, Heidelberg: arthistoricum.net, 2021, p. 11-28. https://doi.org/10.11588/arthistoricum.663.c10506

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Published 26.03.2021.

Johannes Grave

Reichtum oder Wildwuchs?

Über einige Entwicklungen in der kunsthistorischen Publikationslandschaft und die Rolle der Zeitschriften

The market offer of art historical publications is growing. This gratifying state of affairs could lead to some problems though, as it threatens to be accompanied by a narrowing of reception practice within the discipline, which in turn could result in a loss on interdisciplinarity and multilingualism, as well as to an increased focus on progressively narrow subject areas. The discipline of art history faces the challenge of not only reflecting more strongly on such developments, but also of shaping them. It will have to consider questions of quality control and peer review, the role of journals, and the transformation into open access formats.

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Johannes Grave is an art historian and university lecturer. Main research interests: Temporality of the image and image reception; practices of comparison; art, art theory and art history around 1800; Italian painting of the early Renaissance; French painting of the 17th to 19th centuries.