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Stanke, Gerd, Hemsley, James and Cappellini, Vito (Eds.): Konferenzband EVA 2002. Berlin Elektronische Bildverarbeitung & Kunst, Kultur, Historie: Die 9. Berliner Veranstaltung der internationalen EVA-Serie Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts (u.a. EVA London, EVA Florenz, EVA Moskau, EVA Gifu & EVA Berlin), Heidelberg:, 2018 (EVA Berlin, Volume 9).


The original publication was published in 2002 by the Ges. zur Förderung Angewandter Informatik Berlin, ISBN 978-3-9807029-7-3.


Gerd Stanke, James Hemsley, Vito Cappellini (Eds.)

Konferenzband EVA 2002. Berlin Elektronische Bildverarbeitung & Kunst, Kultur, Historie: Die 9. Berliner Veranstaltung der internationalen EVA-Serie Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts (u.a. EVA London, EVA Florenz, EVA Moskau, EVA Gifu & EVA Berlin)



Table of Contents
Harald Wolf
Grußwort zur EVA 2002 Berlin
Gerd Stanke, James Hemsley
Die EVA 2002 Berlin im Überblick
Jürgen Sieck
Technical Potentialities of Mobile Information Systems
Gerald Bieber, Rüdiger Ide
MOBIS - Mobile Visitor Information System
Christian Gries
Mobile Computing in a museum
The project of a „mobile companion“ in the “museum mobile” of AUDI AG in Ingolstadt
Lutz Thamm
Individual mobile information services in example of the Berlin Wall and the Botanical Garden in Berlin-Dahlem
Didier Stricker, John Kangiannis, Vassilios Vlahakis, Patrick Dähne, Nikios Ioannidis
ArcheoGuide - a mobile augmented reality system for archeological sites
- A solution to the tracking problematic -
Walter Koch
XML based Content Management and Ultra-Wide-Band as Basis for future mobile Information Systems
Markus Weisen
Online access to cultural and educational resources for disabled people: an international challenge
Caro Howell
On-Line and on target - art education, new technologies and sensory impairment
Jürgen Lötzsch
Computer-Based Techniques for the Blind to be applied in Education, Training and Culture
Benedetto Benedetti
Project HELP “Seeing” a painting by visually impaired persons
Ine Langer, Gerhard Weber, Helen Petrie
Multimedia presentations for people with print disabilities
Jochen Scherer
Breaking barriers of communication- electronical aids for non speaking peoples
Bogdan Smolka
Towards efficient human - computer interaction
Beate Schulte, Ulrike Peter
Accessible Internet Applications: Principles and Guidelines
Brigitte Bornemann-Jeske
Evaluating Websites for Accessibility
Christian Bühler
Implementing the German Law on Equalisation of Opportunities
Hans-Dieter Hahn
Digital Szenografie for Art & Culture: Concepts & practice examples of the dynamic construction of digital learning-environments
Norbert Nowotsch
The Need to Link
Maximilian Eibl, Thomas Mandl
Parameters for the Visualization of Document Sets
Andrea Polli
Active Vision
Artworks Inspired by Vision using Video Tracking and Analysis
Susanne Regener
Neteyes: Webcams in private homes
Kai Pohl
Virtual Amoeba - metapicture on a theory of digital pictures
Eva Emenlauer-Blömers
Berlin in the Information Society - not without Culture Contribution of the Culture to the Citywide Initiative „Projekt Zukunft“
Iris Hertel, Lutz Martin, Lothar Paul, Christine Schöne
Restoration of a pole ornament, 3D digitisation and fabrication of supporting plates for a pole ornament
Frank Dührkohp
Virtual museum of antiques sculptures
Marcus Frings
Otto Bartning’s Sternkirche. Analysis, Vizualisation, Simulation
Christian Breiteneder, Horst Eidenberger, Manuel Wasinger
JEmblazoner: Construction of Coats of Arms Images from Textual Descriptions
Stefan Haas, Insa Großkraumbach
The visualization of theoretical knowledge in 3D-animations
Sandra Arndt, Jürgen Sieck
Strategies for the Digitalisation of the IFBT Media Archive
Hans Leisen, Markus Molthoff, Lars Lilienthal
The German Apsara Conservation Project (GACP) at Angkor Wat, Cambodia - Development of a Media Database and a Multimedia Production for GACP
Carsten Jung, Katja Kwastek
"Schule des Sehens"
A joint research project for New Media in Art History
Christian Bracht
artcampus - A Web-based Introduction in the Study of History of Art
Christine Renn, Stefanie Middendorf
Interlinked Memory - Topography of Nationalsocialist Tyranny in Braunschweig - a Multidimensional Urban Space in the Internet
Rudolf Mumenthaler
E-Pics - the interactive picture information system at ETH Zurich
Gabriele Blome, Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss, Jasminko Novak, Stefan Paal, Felix Schmitz-Justen, Pedrag Peranovic, Daniel Pfuhl
„netzkollektor“ and „Mobile Unit“
Two modules for building an online archive of current digital culture as part of
Gerald Maier
Common Internet Portal for Libraries, Archives and Museums - BAM-Portal (
Jutta Weber
The Library acting as Information Broker. New Approaches and perspectives
Rino Büchel, Rudolf Gschwind, Lukas Rosenthaler
Digitization and long term archival of photographic collections: Recommendations of the Swiss Federal Office for Civil Protection, Section Protection of Cultural Property
Bernard Smith
Activities and Research for Cultural Heritage
Günther Schauerte, Monika Hagedorn-Saupe
EUBAM Joint Working group of the federal government of Germany and the Länder on European related aspects of Digitisation in the field of Cultural Heritage
Marco Köttstorfer, Alexander Egger, Günter Mühlberger
Digitisation of monographs as an additional service of interlibrary loan departments. Report from the project BOOKS2U!
Alexander Geschke, Wolfgang Schade
The EU Project MEMORIAL- Digitisation, Access, Preservation
Silke Grossmann, Josef Herget
REGNET PORTAL – A new generation of information systems for the cultural economy. Concept, functionalities, applications
Elke-Maria Melchior, Tom Bösser
VNET5 user-centred product creation
Eva Stein The international artist database
An artist database of the House of World Cultures in cooperation with partner institutions
Eike Schallehn, Ingo Schmitt, Nadine Schulz
Visual Retrieval for Searching in a LostArt Metasearch Engine System
Hans R. Goette
The Digitisation of the Photographic Archives of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI)
Sławomir Nikiel
Building an Internet-based Virtual Environment representing the Palace in Zagan
Alexandr Landsman, Tamara Grinchenko, Oleg Dykyi, Vladyslav Matskevich, Helen Volohovich, Andrei Artemenko
Discover Ukraine
Andriy A. Kryuchyn, Viacheslav V. Petrov, Semen Shanyolo, I. Kossko
A new technology of long-term information storage
Jean Sommier, Mark J. Jaklovsky, Robert Molnar
Bringing culture to the Internet. Combining Multimedia and Content Management
Ewald Assion
Julia - taking inventory and archiving exhibits intelligently
FirstRumos Museumssoftware
Museologie unter einem Dach
FirstRumos Museumssoftware
zetcom Informatikdienstleistungs AG
museum plus
Matthias Lange, Frank Wudtke
ArtAdmin - A Museum's Complete Database Solution "Dynamically Create And Maintain Condition Reports"
Gerd Schicker
FotoWare - Digital Asset/Management/ArchivSolution
Reinhard Rosenau
Ein neues Verfahren zur Langzeitsicherung von Colorimages im Rahmen des Kulturgutschutzes
Adlib Information Systems GmbH
ADLIB - flexible software for managing collections and information
Ed Gartner
Computer Based Inventory of an Industrial Plant as a Cultural Monument exemplaryly described by the Steel Works Maxhütte in Sulzbach-Rosenberg
Pandora Neue Medien GmbH
Digitale Scenografie
Kathleen Horn
AjarisPro: asset management system
1-2-C Technologies GmbH Berlin
Creatool® - Web-based Picture Communication and Multichannel Publishing (Online, Print, Mobile) for Picture Catalogues, Culture Marketing and Merchandising
ACit GmbH Bretten
VNET5 - Advancing user-centred product creation in electronic publishing
Stefanie Kollmann
Ina Jachmann, Stefan Geiser
Picture Marketing Art+Culture
Database Solutions and Picture Services for a Direct Start into a Picture Marketing
Marcus Frings, Fritz Vöpel
Rekonstruktionen historischer Architektur
Silvia Zörner, Michael Lailach
Electronic Publishing for Art History
Isabel Gronack-Walz
cologne digital
Catch interest - develop new target groups - increase the number of visitors
Andrea Polli
The Fly’s Eye: Interactive Installation using Video Tracking and Analysis
Bildarchiv Foto Marburg
Schule des Sehens - New Media in Art History
Karsten Trint
The Solution for Modern Knowledge Management
Mario Köppen, X. Liu, Aureli Soria-Frisch
VirtualAID - Virtual Art object IDentity card: modern security technology for art objects
Horst Eidenberger
A Module-based Environment for Device Control based on Image Analysis
Beatrix Lehmann, Peter Werder
Plötzensee Book of the Dead
Stefan Kim, Joachim Müller
Time Tunnel
Richard Schubert
3D Lenticular Images Becoming Art
Duehrkohp & Radicke
3D Scan Solutions
Perfect Realism in the third Dimension
Duehrkohp & Radicke
3D Displays
Experience New Dimensions
Duehrkohp & Radicke
Image Data System for Museums and Archives
Regina Oelsner
Imacon Flextight Scanner
Perfect Scans in repro quality
Dr. Clauss Bild- und Datentechnik GmbH
Latest Developments of Stereoscopic Panoramic Cameras
Martin Frech, Tobias Kern
Panoramaphotographie und interaktive Panoramen für die Museumsarbeit - komplette photographische Abbildung realer Räume
Acoustiguide GmbH
Mobile Besucherinformationslösungen für Museen und Ausstellungen
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