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Stanke, Gerd, Bienert, Andreas and Hemsley, James (Eds.): Konferenzband EVA 2003 Berlin. Elektronische Bildverarbeitung & Kunst, Kultur, Historie: Die 10. Berliner Veranstaltung der internationalen EVA-Serie Electronic imaging & the Visual Arts (u.a. EVA London, EVA Florence, EVA Moscow & EVA Berlin), Heidelberg:, 2018 (EVA Berlin, Volume 10).


The original publication was published in 2003 by the Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin - Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Deutsches Zentrum für Luft- und Raumfahrt e.V. und Autoren, ISBN: 978-3-9807029-9-7.



Gerd Stanke, Andreas Bienert, James Hemsley (Eds.)

Konferenzband EVA 2003 Berlin. Elektronische Bildverarbeitung & Kunst, Kultur, Historie: Die 10. Berliner Veranstaltung der internationalen EVA-Serie Electronic imaging & the Visual Arts (u.a. EVA London, EVA Florence, EVA Moscow & EVA Berlin)



Table of Contents
Gerd Stanke, Andreas Bienert, James Hemsley
Die EVA 2003 Berlin im Uberblick
Andreas Bienert
Zur Typologie der Portale
Klaus Feldgen
REGIERUNGonline - Germany’s Federal Government on the Web
Matthias Bruhn, Rainer Donandt
ArtHist. H-Net Information Network for Art History
Regine Dehnel as networking platform and part of a network
Tamara Pianos
vascoda - An interdisciplinary Portal for Academic Information in Germany
Frank von Hagel
Material-related portals and their particular effectivity
Ingeborg Schnelling-Reinicke
Archivpräsenz im Internet
Karin Ludewig
Use of standardized vocabulary in museums (names of persons, things and places)
Lars Bröcker
Topic Maps - Semantic Links for Collections
Johannes Fournier
Future Prospects, Targets of DFG-Funding, Relevance of Portals as information medium
Alexander Geschke
Scanning Technologies and Limits for Archive Document Acquisition
Janusz Jarzemsky, Henryk Krawczyk, Michal Melzer, Marcin Smolka, Bogdan Wiszniewski
Definition of similar document types for better recognition and the corresponding XML-description
Wolfgang Schade, Karola Witschurke, Cornelia Rataj
Improved character recognition of typed documents from middling and lower quality based on application depending tools Processes, results, comparison
Hans-Christoph Liess
ECHO - A European vision for the humanities in the age of the Internet
Bernd Kulawik, Martin Raspe
Lineamenta - A Research Database for Architectural Drawings
Tina Kindel, Sabine Kühl
prometheus - The Distributed Digital Image Archive for Science and Instruction The E-Learning Elements
Cornelia Weber, Martin Stricker
Teaching Multimedia Literacy - The Application of New Media in the Cataloguing and Presentation of Collections
Report on a Seminar at Humboldt University
Susanne Lutz
Rolf Kruse
Cybernarium - Edutainment in digital Worlds
Francesco Renna, Giovanni Carlomagno, Nicola Mosca, Giovanni Attolico, Alessandro Distante
Fragment segmentation in the virtual recomposition of frescos
Peter Gerl, Reinhold Huber, Carola Schönlieb, Kung-Chie Wang
Automated Analysis and Classification of Drawings and Paintings
Hans Jehmlich
Workplace to the digitalization of not flat 2D objects
Reinhard Rosenau
New technology for long-time preservation of color images
Irmgard Pfeiffer-Schäller, Friedrich Klein
Use of 3D-computerized tomography for technical, archaeological/restorical and zoological/botanical applications
Nina Jungklaus, Stephanie Adolf
3D Laserscanning at Notre Dame Cathedral, Paris
Sylvain Renault, Oliver Stachel
Possibilities of Experience-Oriented 3-D Visualization for Exhibitions and Museums allowing Natural Interaction
Hans-Werner Peine, Ulrich Haarlammert
Horst im Emscherbruch - von der Hofstelle zum Schloss: Das Konzept für die virtuelle Rekonstruktion
Vito Cappellini, Alessandro Piva
International Cooperation on Cultural Heritage Training Using New Information Technologies
Eva Emenlauer-Blömers
Berlin Museum Portal
Call for tender under the Land initiative The Future Project - Berlin in the Information Society
Monika Fleischmann, Wolfgang Strauss, Gabriele Blome, Diane Müller, Katja Heckes, Felix Schmitz-Justen, Kai-Uwe Kunze, Stefan Paal, Daniel Pfuhl, Jochen Denzinger, Lina Lubig
digital sparks - A Student Media Project Competition
Oliver Stahlmann
European Cultural Heritage Network
Christian Recht
The participation in the European project TNT (Trusted Networkfor online Trading) from the perspective of the Austrian National Library
Karen Angne
Close your eyes - open your mind „Seeing“ a work of art by visually impaired people
Entwicklung einer für blinde und sehbehinderte Menschen optimierten Web-Site zur Ausstellung „Edvard Munch. Die Graphik im Berliner Kupferstichkabinett“
Oleg Dykyi, Tamara Grinchenko, Alexandr Landsman, Vladyslav Matskevich, Andrei Artemenko
Through The Ages CD-ROM "Kyiv in Visual Arts“
Olga Barkova, Valeriya Shulgina
Establishment of Multimedia Historic and Cultural Resource of Multipurpose Electronic Library
Sławomir Nikiel
Blue-print based modeling of architectural artifacts
Andreas Vollmer, Olaf Kriseleit, Sabine Helmers
Humboldt University Media Portal - Workspace and Archive
Ingolf Geist, Eike Schallehn, Nadine Schulz
Duplicate Search and Visual Image Retrieval in the LostArt System
Brigitte Bornemann-Jeske
Making Museum Websites Accessible
Robert Casties, Dirk Wintergrün
An Infrastructure for Cultural Heritage in the Information Age
Staatsbibliothek zu Berlin
Projects of the State Library of Berlin
Frank Dührkohp
3D-Visualisation with voice-control
Elke Silbermann
Document- and Archivmanagement + High speed color scanning systems
Scanner cameras - Pentacon Scan 5000
Maßwerke Münster
EVA Berlin Konferenzunterlagen '96-2002
Gesellschaft zur Förderung angewandter Informatik e.V.
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts EVA-Konferenzen 2003 und 2004