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Heck, Kilian and Lipińska, Aleksandra (Eds.): Als der Krieg kam … / When the war came …: Neue Beiträge zur Kunst in der Ukraine / New studies into art in Ukraine, Heidelberg:, 2023.


ISBN 978-3-98501-205-3 (PDF)




Kilian Heck, Aleksandra Lipińska (Eds.)

Als der Krieg kam … / When the war came …: Neue Beiträge zur Kunst in der Ukraine / New studies into art in Ukraine

The volume comprises seven contributions of the Ukraine Forum, which was organized at short notice in response to the Russian aggression within the framework of the 36th German Art Historians’ Day in Stuttgart on March 24–25, 2022. The methodologically differently profiled papers by authors from Ukraine, Poland and Germany deal with selected aspects of architecture and visual arts in Ukraine from the 19th century to the present day. What they have in common is that they all deal with the topic of war and its impact on Ukrainian art and culture in different ways. At the same time, the contributions not only explore Ukraine’s rich cultural heritage, but also seek to make it better known outside the country.

Kilian Heck

Kilian Heck is professor of general art history at the Caspar David Friedrich Institute, University of Greifswald. One of his main fields of research is the architec-tural heritage of the Baltic basin, in particular manor architecture. He also studies Romantic-era painting

Aleksandra Lipińska

Aleksandra Lipińska is substitute professor of Early Modern art at the Art History Institute if the University of Cologne. Her research fields include the art of East-Central Europe, in particular aspects of the cultural transfer between this macro-region and other artscapes in Europe, as well as history of art history of this region. She also studies Netherlandish art and the materiality of art.


Table of Contents
Kilian Heck, Aleksandra Lipińska
Eine Einführung
Aleksandra Lipińska, Katja Bernhardt, Robert Born, Mateusz Kapustka, Antje Kempe, Beate Störtkuhl
Das Beispiel Ukraine
Paweł Leszkowicz
Images, Ideas, Struggles
Marta Smolińska
Kriegsikonographie in den ausgewählten Werken der jungen ukrainischen Künstler:innen Hanna Shumska und Vitalii Shupliak
Mariana Levytska
The response of Ukrainian graphic artists
Informationen über die Autor:innen / Information about the authors