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Kratzke, Jonas and Heuveline, Vincent (Eds.): E-Science-Tage 2017: Forschungsdaten managen, Heidelberg: heiBOOKS, 2017.




Jonas Kratzke, Vincent Heuveline (Eds.)

E-Science-Tage 2017: Forschungsdaten managen


The opportunities of digital research enhance scientific methodology, networking possibilities and insight. In particular, modern information systems support the development of research methods, assist in virtual collaboration and increase the value of research data. The present proceedings of the E-Science Days 2017 provide an insight into current developments for the management of research data. Visionary, discipline-specific approaches are presented, alongside innovative institutional solutions for the handling, publication and archiving of research data.

Keywords: research data; research data management; e-Science; digitisation; proceedings

Jonas Kratzke is a research associate at the Heidelberg University Computing Centre (URZ). Additionally, he is a PhD student at the Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL) at Heidelberg University.

Vincent Heuveline is the Director of the Heidelberg University Computing Centre (URZ). As a full professor at Heidelberg University he leads the Engineering Mathematics and Computing Lab (EMCL) under the roof of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Scientific Computing (IWR). Furthermore, he is the group leader of the research group “Data Mining and Uncertainty Quantification” at the Heidelberg Institute for Theoretical Studies (HITS gGmbH).


Table of Contents
Jonas Kratzke, Vincent Heuveline
Constanze Curdt, Volker Hess, Ania Lopez, Benedikt Magrean, Dominik Rudolph, Johanna Vompras
Klaus Rechert, Thomas Liebetraut, Stefan Kombrink, Dennis Wehrle, Susanne Mocken, Maximilian Rohland
Vincent Heuveline, Dennis Schridde, Martin Baumann
Martin Kerwer, Ronny Bölter, Ina Dehnhard, Armin Günther, Erich Weichselgartner