Rechert, Klaus et al.: Preserving Containers, in Kratzke, Jonas und Heuveline, Vincent (Hrsg.): E-Science-Tage 2017: Forschungsdaten managen, Heidelberg: heiBOOKS, 2017, S. 143–151. https://doi.org/10.11588/heibooks.285.c3886

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ISBN 978-3-946531-75-3 (PDF)




Klaus Rechert, Thomas Liebetraut, Stefan Kombrink, Dennis Wehrle, Susanne Mocken, Maximilian Rohland

Preserving Containers

Abstract Container technology has been quickly adopted as a tool to encapsulate and share complex software setups, e.g. in the domain of computational science. With growing significance of this class of complex digital objects their longevity is also of growing importance. This paper provides a detailed analysis of a container’s long-term preservation risks. Based on this analysis, we propose an emulation-based preservation strategy to maintain access to software-based research methods by converting them into a generic archival representation for containers and providing a generic runtime environment.

Keywords containers, long-term preservation, emulation