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Karner, Herbert, Ciulisová, Ingrid and García García, Bernardo J. (Eds.): The Habsburgs and their Courts in Europe, 1400–1700: Between Cosmopolitism and Regionalism, Heidelberg:, 2018 (PALATIUM e-Publications, Volume 1).


ISBN 978-94-6018-483-3 (PDF)




Herbert Karner, Ingrid Ciulisová, Bernardo J. García García (Eds.)

The Habsburgs and their Courts in Europe, 1400–1700: Between Cosmopolitism and Regionalism

This volume examines the architecture and culture at the various courts of one of Europe’s most important royal dynasties, the Habsburgs. It looks for a specific Habsburg idiom in the sphere of princely representation at the courts in Madrid, Brussels, Vienna, Prague, Bratislava and Budapest, and contrasts the supranational features of this dynastic identity to its regional incarnations.

The nucleus of princely representation was the court residence. Hence the Habsburgs’ official apartments are studied in relation to their court ceremony, to see if a unifying model was adopted in the different palaces in Brussels, Madrid and Central Europe. The supranational dynastic identity developed by the Habsburgs is then compared with local forms of identity, as articulated by the nobility in Bohemia, Hungary and Poland. This shows how the palaces and their decoration also expressed loyalty to the traditions of the homeland, so-called Landespatriotismus.


Table of Contents
Front Matter
Krista De Jonge
Herbert Karner, Ingrid Ciulisová, Bernardo J. García García
Introduction and Acknowledgements
Bruno Meier
Bescheidene Burgen und kleine Städte
Die Präsenz der Dynastie in den vorderösterreichischen Stammlanden im Spätmittelalter (12. bis 15. Jahrhundert)
Nicole Riegel
Bausteine eines Residenzprojekts
Kaiser Maximilian I. in Innsbruck
Ivan P. Muchka
Architectura ancilla musicae
Architektur in der Beziehung zur Musik am Prager Hof der Habsburger
Milton Pedro Dias Pacheco
Palaces on the Edge of the Atlantic
The Architectural Reformation and the Space Ritualization of the Portuguese Royal Residences during the Reign of Philip I of Habsburg (1580–1598)
Jan Bažant
Habsburg Mythology and the Waldstein Palace in Prague
Dagmar Eichberger
Official Portraits and Regional Identities
The case of Emperor Maximilian I (1459–1519)
Eva-Bettina Krems
Dynastische Identität und europäische Politik der spanischen Habsburger in den 1650er Jahren
Diego Velázquez’ Bildnisse als Teil einer höfisch politischen Porträtkultur
Madelon Simons
Presentation, Representation and Invisibility
Emperor Ferdinand I and his Son Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria in Prague (1547–1567)
Cezary Taracha
The Courts of the Habsburgs as Related by Jakub Sobieski
Werner Telesko
The Pietas Austriaca. A political myth?
On the Instrumentalisation of Piety towards the Cross at the Viennese Court in the Seventeenth Century
Ilaria Hoppe
Engendering Pietas Austriaca
The Villa Poggio Imperiale in Florence under Maria Maddalena of Austria
Annemarie Jordan Gschwend
Pietas Austriaca at the Lisbon Court
The Monumental Chapel and Funerary Tombs built by Catherine of Austria in the San Jerónimos Monastic Complex in Belém
Larry Silver
Europe’s Turkish Nemesis
Pál Ács
‘The Good and Honest Turk’
A European Legend in the Context of Sixteenth Century Oriental Studies
Annick Born
The Moeurs et fachons de faire de Turcs
Süleyman and Charles V: Iconographic Discourse, Enhancement of Power and Magnificence, or Two Faces of the Same Coin?
Andrea Sommer-Mathis
'Alla turca'
Türkische Elemente in Theater und Fest an den Habsburgerhöfen im 16. und 17. Jahrhundert
Catherine Wilkinson Zerner
The Spanish Habsburgs and the Arts of Islamic Iberia
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