Post-Conflict Documentation of a Historic Neighborhood
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Grandin, Thierry, Kasmo, Ruba and Neglia, Giulia Annalinda: Post-Conflict Documentation of a Historic Neighborhood: (Suwayqat Ali Area – Old City of Aleppo), edited by Dima Dayoub, Ruba Kasmo and Anne Mollenhauer, Heidelberg:, 2021.

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ISBN 978-3-948466-86-2 (PDF)

Published 08.04.2021.


Thierry Grandin, Ruba Kasmo and Giulia Annalinda Neglia

Post-Conflict Documentation of a Historic Neighborhood

(Suwayqat Ali Area – Old City of Aleppo)

Dima Dayoub, Ruba Kasmo, Anne Mollenhauer (Eds.)

Aleppo is one of the oldest, constantly inhabited cities of the world. The old city still bears the remains of the Hellenistic street grid and historic monuments of various periods. The area of the study “Suwayqat Ali” is located to the north of the suq (market area). It is a mixed quarter that contains public and private buildings. The area was selected due to its functional diversity, historic importance and the serious damage it has sustained. The study presents a holistic view on the quarter: an urban analysis and the history and architecture of the most prominent buildings, including the present state. The publication is presented in English and Arabic.

Dima Dayoub, Museum for Islamic Art, Berlin, Architect and Urban Researcher

Ass. Prof. Dr. Ruba Kasmo, Fatih Sultan Mehmet Vakif University, Istanbul, History of Architecture, Architectural Conservation

Dr. Anne Mollenhauer, Museum for Islamic Art, Berlin, History of Architecture, Preservation of Monuments

Front Matter
Table of Content
Introduction and Methodology
The Urban Analysis of the Area
The Historical and Architectural Assessment of the Historic Buildings in the Area
The Damage Assessment of the Area
Photo & Map Credits