SERMONES. Satiren zur Gegenwart
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Albrecht, Michael von: SERMONES. Satiren zur Gegenwart: Lateinisch und Deutsch, edited by Hans-Joachim Glücklich, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2021 (Ars Didactica – Alte Sprachen lehren und lernen, Vol. 8).

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ISBN 978-3-96929-025-5 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-96929-026-2 (Hardcover)

Published 04.08.2021.


Michael von Albrecht

SERMONES. Satiren zur Gegenwart

Lateinisch und Deutsch

Hans-Joachim Glücklich (Ed.)
Ars Didactica – Alte Sprachen lehren und lernen

Michael von Albrecht's Sermones are satires on contemporary problems and modern society, written in Latin and accompanied by a German translation. Among the topics there are: man's curiosity, astronauts, our wasteful use of food, keeping dogs, research on the future development of human society, environmental protection, corona, nuclear wars, search for truth, old age, and the scourge of publicity.
Comprehensive education, elegance of style, and a humane wit conspire to create a reading experience. These satires combine literary art and good entertainment. Being both artistic and delightful, they reveal a critical mind as well as a deep empathy with human life. They might be called, therefore, an ARS DIDACTICA HUMANA. Articles by Hans Joachim Glücklich and Michael Lobe inscribe Michael von Albrecht's name into the tradition of satire and help those interested recognize and enjoy the delicacy of style and allusions. Furthermore, they give advice on how to read and understand the Latin text even with a rather rudimentary knowledge of Latin.

Hans-Joachim Glücklich
Michael von Albrecht
Das Buch der Gespräche
Michael von Albrecht, Michael Lobe
Anmerkungen und Erläuterungen zu den Sermones
Michael von Albrecht
Über die Autoren