Dobalová, Sylva und Muchka, Ivan P. (Hrsg.): Looking for Leisure: Court Residences and their Satellites 1400–1700, Heidelberg: arthistoricum.net-ART-Books, 2018 (PALATIUM e-Publications, Band 4). https://doi.org/10.11588/arthistoricum.418


ISBN 978-80-86890-71-5 (PDF)





Sylva Dobalová (Hrsg.), Ivan P. Muchka (Hrsg.)

Looking for Leisure

Court Residences and their Satellites 1400–1700

This volume focuses on the leisure buildings – often called casino, palazotto or Lusthaus – which formed an integral part of princely residential complexes in Europe in the period 1400–1700. The aim of this collection is to study these satellite buildings as counterparts to the main palaces. The relatively small size of these structures belies their importance. They took on representative roles and developed certain  ideological programmes that would have been difficult to achieve in the larger residential buildings.
Many of these buildings were meant only for seasonal use. Their primary role was as a place of rest, leisure and repose. This relaxation could either take a contemplative form or could include such vigorous  activities as hunting, sports and various court festivities. The case studies presented here illustrate the shared principles of these recreational buildings and investigate how their architects and patrons attempted to realize a ‘paradise on earth’ and managed to bring the human world into harmony with the natural world.
Discussing examples from all over Europe – from Central Europe via Italy and France to Denmark and Scotland – the seventeen papers gathered in this volume address four different aspects of ‘palazotto culture’: the terminology that was used to identify these small palaces, which reflects the wide variety of needs they fulfilled; the functions and typologies of these buildings; their artistic decorations; and their gardens and natural surroundings.


Krista De Jonge
Sylva Dobalová, Ivan P. Muchka
Introductory Lectures
Ivan P. Muchka
Architectura recreationis: Lusthaus or Summer Palace, A Successful Building Type in Early Modern Europe
Ondřej Jakubec
A Variation on the ‘Villa’ at the Bohemian Periphery: The Case of the Rožmberk (Rosenberg) Residence of Kratochvíle
Session I
From Solitude and Buen Retiro to Mon-Plaisir and Sans-Souci. Exploring the Theory of the Architecture of Leisure within the Palace
Jaroslava Hausenblasová
A New Monarch and a New System of Residences: Ferdinand I Habsburg as the Founder of the Network of Main and Occasional Residences in the Habsburg Empire
Marilyn Brown
A Palace Designed for Diplomacy: Atholl in 1532
Ulla Kjaer, Poul Grinder-Hansen
Two Cases of Reuse and spolia in the Early Modern Danish Architecture of Leisure
Antonio Russo
Italian Casinos from Genoa to Rome as Models for Joseph Furttenbach’s palazzotto
A Common Thread between Villa Saluzzo Bombrini, Villa Lante in Bagnaia and Villa Borghese in Rome
Martina Frank
The Venetian Casino: Form and Function
Jan Ivanega
Orbiting Hluboká: The Case of Hluboká Castle and the Ohrada Hunting Lodge
Session II
Tradition and Modernity. Defining the Palazzotto as a Spatial and Functional Type from the Late Middle Ages to the Early Modern Period
Wolfgang Lippmann
Small Residential Buildings near Salzburg and Innsbruck from the Fourteenth to Sixteenth Century: Nature, Rest and Lust
Dirk Jacob Jansen
Adeste Musae, maximi proles Jovis!
Functions and Sources of Emperor Maximilian II's Lustschloß Neugebäude
Mary-Claude Canova-Green
A Fairy-Tale Palace: The Trianon de porcelaine at Versailles
Daria Churkina
The Art of Leisure at the Court of Ferrara in the Fifteenth Century: Social and Artistic Realities
Sarah Lynch
Architecture at the Prague Belvedere: Between Theory and Practice
Session III
Decorating the Architecture of Leisure. Interpreting the Satellite’s Decor between Politics and Nature
Michele Danieli
Palazzotto before the Palace
The Palazzetto Eucherio Sanvitale as the First Satellite Residence at the Farnese Court
Martin Mádl
’ANTEEAT VIRTVS VIRTVTEM FAMA SEQVITVR’: The Paintings Decorating the Apartments in the Chateau Troja in Prague
Session IV
The Palazzotto in Context. Exploring the Role of the Satellite in the Grand Design of the Residence and its Gardens
Sylva Dobalová
La Barco of the Star Summer Palace in Prague: A Unique Example of Renaissance Landscape Design
Markus Jeitler
Hunt, Amusement and Representation: The Viennese Hofburg and Its ‘Satellites’ in the Seventeenth Century
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