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Bienert, Andreas and Stanke, Gerd (Eds.): Konferenzband EVA 2010 Berlin: Elektronische Medien & Kunst, Kultur, Historie. 10. - 12. November 2010 in den Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin am Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz, Heidelberg:, 2017 (EVA Berlin, Volume 17).


The original publication was published in 2010 by the Ges. zur Förderung Angewandter Informatik Berlin, ISBN 978-3-9812158-8-5.


Andreas Bienert, Gerd Stanke (Eds.)

Konferenzband EVA 2010 Berlin: Elektronische Medien & Kunst, Kultur, Historie. 10. - 12. November 2010 in den Staatlichen Museen zu Berlin am Kulturforum Potsdamer Platz

Die 17. Berliner Veranstaltung der internationalen EVA-Serie Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts (u. a. EVA London, EVA Florence, EVA Moscow & EVA Berlin)


Table of Contents
Andreas Bienert, James Hemsley, Gerd Stanke
Tanja Woronowicz, Peter Hoffmann, Michael Boronowsky
Interseum - From Physical to Virtual Showrooms
Peter Hoffmann
Reale und virtuelle Showrooms
Roland Kerstein
Logistikfabrik der Zukunft - Neue Strategien für den Wissenstransfer
Klaus Jung
Object Recognition and Face Detection: Capabilities and Limits
Daniel Burkhardt, Pepe Jürgens
Visual Search for Image and Product Databases
Kai Uwe Barthel
pixolu - A Collaborative Image Search System for Finding Visually and Semantically Similar Images
Eva Emenlauer-Blömers, Susa Pop
Media Facades and Urban Screens - Digital Screens in the Open Space
Eckart Köhne
In the kingdom of the shadows. Life and love in roman Trier
A medial spatial theatre at Rhenish State Museum Trier
Melitta Moschik, Thomas Radeke
SOUNDSPACE - Audiovisual Installation - 2009
An "art in architecture" project on the construction of the concert hall of the Carinthian Music Academy Ossiach
Rubén A. Alcolea
Hyper-realism, multiperception and visual architecture
Thomas Tunsch
Virtualisation to document the exhibition of the Museum of Islamic Art
Norbert Nowotsch
Fields of Interaction between Visitor and Exhibition
Christian Bracht
Digital Portrait Index
Frank Dührkohp
Cooperative inventory - the culture cooperative digiCuLT eG
Rike Brecht, Ulf Döring, Andreas Fiedler, Heidi Krömker, Cindy Mayas, Frank Scrock, Philip Siefer, Andreas Vogel
Synergies in user-oriented and web-based communication of museums
Outline for museums in Thuringia
Holger Simon
Using the mobile web for the communication of art and culture with
Hans W. Giessen
Results from Research On the Influence of the Medium in Film and Video Production on Mobile Communication
Jürgen Enge, Jürgen Krebber
Archive digitization of the International Music Institute Darmstadt
Patrick Ryf, Lukas Rosenthaler, Tobias Schweizer
SALSAH - System for Annotation and Linkage in Arts and Humanities
Ines Dorian Gütt
Museum App
Karoline Bergmann
Development of a Web2.0 based communication platform in order to interlink the Creative economy
Kai Noffke, Janett Mohnke
melete - A mobile, electronic learn success testing unit
Claudia Maria Melisch, Kyrylo Radetsky, Matthias Wemhoff, Matthias Knaut
Research, restoration and 3D-documentation of oven tiles from the excavation at St. Peters square in Berlin
Dirk Förstner
Reconstruction of „sound-on-disc“ films using modern screening technologies
Max Arends, Josef Froschauer, Doron Goldfarb, Dieter Merkl, Martin Weingartner
Interaction with Museum Content in Web3D
Sławomir Nikiel
Narrative visualization of architectural artefacts, a case study
Wolfgang Schade, Melanie Irrgang, Martin Tölle
Experiences in Capturing a Paper Archive
Valeriya Shulgina, Bogdan Krivopust
Multimedia Presentation of Creative Works of Young Ukrainian Composers
Monika Hagedorn-Saupe
Digital Europe - Europeana
Fabian Reiter
Digitisation of Papyri and Ostraca of the Papyrus Collection Berlin
Wolfgang Schade
Rolf H. Johannsen, Fabienne Meyer
Das Erbe Schinkels - Vom Depot in den Diskurs
Ein Forschungsvorhaben des Berliner Kupferstichkabinetts
De Gruyter e-dition
Inhalte ab 1749 - Technologie von heute
Scannerkamera PENTACON Scan 7000
Peter Kindereit
E. Staude GmbH - Analog and digital archiving
Volker Braun
xkontor media supplies
Yulia Sivitskaya, Maria Burlakova
Paleophonographic Scanning Technologies for 3D-Reconstruction of Archaeological Pottery and Anthropological Material
Gesellschaft zur Förderung Angewandter Informatik
Mobiles Bild- und 3D-Registriersystem - 3D Registhree
André Rangel Macedo
Visible and Audible Spectrums - a proposal of correspondence
Oliver Michel
Multitouch-Tables/Walls and Mixed-Reality Technologies for Museums, Exhibitions and Science-Centers
Andreas Günther
Smart phone-based cruise control for model ships through gestures and an integrated autonomous cruise control
Elektronische Medien & Kunst, Kultur, Historie EVA Berlin Konferenzunterlagen
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts EVA-Konferenzen 2010 und 2011
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