Archäologische Quellen

Mirko Geisendorf

Der eisenzeitliche Siedlungsplatz von Schwerte-Wandhofen (Kreis Unna)

Archäologische Quellen, Vol. 2

In Spring 2017, the archaeological excavation company ARCHBAU excavated an Iron Age settlement (800 – 50 BC) in Schwerte-Wandhofen (District Unna, North Rhine-Westphalia), which is relevant to the settlement history of the eastern Ruhr area. The excavation, which was financed by an investor, revealed some unusual archaeological results for Westphalia, like a granary with 18 massive posts or a large earth oven. The excavator Mirko Geisendorf interprets this results in total, that possibly a large group of people could come together at this spot to celebrate miscellaneous festivities. This publication releases the results of the excavation in a fast and short way. This book is available both printed and in Open Access.

Melanie Eigen

Die eisenzeitliche und römische Siedlung von Tönisvorst‐Vorst (Kreis Viersen)

Archäologische Quellen, Vol. 1