New Titles

New Titles



Michael Koch (Hrsg.), Archäologie in der Großregion. Beiträge des internationalen Symposiums zur Archäologie in der Großregion [...]

The fith volume of the series Archäologentage Otzenhausen – Archäologie in der Großregion refers to the conference in 2018, where, for current reasons, the topic of "migration" took center stage. The phenomena of migration, flight and displacement, as well as the passing on of craft techniques and cultural phenomena through migratory movements are as old as mankind itself. Especially for the greater region with the states of Rhineland-Palatinate, Saarland, Luxembourg, Lorraine, Alsace and Wallonia, this is an important topic. this is a significant topic


Three-volume work by Joachim Weidig on the Gräberfeld Bazzano near L’Aquila (Abruzzen)

Joachim Weidig presents in three volumes Bazzano – ein Gräberfeld bei L’Aquila (Abruzzen). Die Bestattungen des 8.-5. Jahrhunderts v. Chr., Vol. 1, Vol.. 2 und Vol. 3 the more than 500 burials of the Orientalizing and Archaic period (8th-5th century BC) from the excavations of the Soprintendenza per i Beni Archeologici dell'Abruzzo at Bazzano near L'Aquila from 1992-2004.


Andrea Kilian und Monika Zöller-Engelhardt (Hrsg.) , Excavating the Extra-Ordinary Challenges & Merits of Working with Small Finds

The topic of the international workshop “Excavating the Extra-Ordinary. Challenges and merits of workings with small finds” was the challenging task of working with seemingly ‘ordinary’ small objects and their processing. On this occasion in April 2019 at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, experts from Egyptological excavations, museums and institutions presented and discussed current issues.


Holger Schaaff, Antike Tuffbergwerke am Laacher See-Vulkan

Description of the 59 known ancient tuff mines and the techniques used to extract and process stone.


Two other titles of the congress Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World – Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Cologne/Bonn 2018

Arne Reinhardt (Hrsg.) Strictly Economic? Ancient Serial Production and its Premises. The complex subject of production and consumption in antiquity has been attracting growing interest in Classical Archaeology for some time. Research with an economic perspective, such as the investigation of the dynamics of the production of objects or ornaments in Antiquity, has opened up new insights into Greco-Roman culture.
Maria Elisa Micheli, Anna Santucci (Hrsg.) Luce in contesto. Rappresentazioni, produzioni e usi della luce nello spazio antico / Light in Context. Representation, Production and Use of Light in Ancient Spaces,Ancient authors and archaeological sources provide evicence for the central role of the light in the ancient life and thought. The analysis of this argument through an ideal dialogue with the contemporary lighting culture contributes to point out new and different research areas.


Angelika Hunold, Die Befestigung auf dem Katzenberg bei Mayen und die spätrömischen Höhenbefestigungen in Nordgallien

On the Katzenberg near Mayen, a military fortification, one of the largest of its kind, existed from about 300 AD until the middle of the 5th century to protect the economic centre of Mayen. Based on the results obtained there, 143 other hill fortifications in northern Gaul are examined.


New Titles

New Titles


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