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Rowland, Joanne M. et al.: Prehistory of Northeastern Africa: New Ideas and Discoveries, edited by Jacek Kabaciński, Marek Chłodnicki and Michał Kobusiewicz, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2016 (Studies in African Archaeology, Volume 11).


ISBN 978-3-946654-32-2 (PDF)


The original publication was published 2012 in Poznan Archaeological Museum, Poznan, ISBN 978-83-60109-27-4.


Jacek Kabaciński, Marek Chłodnicki, Michał Kobusiewicz (Eds.)

Prehistory of Northeastern Africa: New Ideas and Discoveries



Table of Contents
Table of Contents
Joanne M. Rowland, Mohamed Hamdan
The Holocene Evolution of the Quesna Turtle Back
Geological Evolution and Archaeological Relationships Within the Nile Delta
Penelope Wilson, Gregory Gilbert
Prehistoric Sais
Results from the Western Nile Delta Floodplain
Marek Chłodnicki, Krzysztof M. Ciałowicz, Joanna Dębowska-Ludwin
Eastern Kom at Tell el-Farkha
Excavations in 2006-2007
Agnieszka Mączyńska
Were Spinning Bowls Used in the Predynastic Period?
Findings from Tell el-Farkha
Rizq George Rizq
A Supplement to Lech Krzyżaniak’s Research
Ashraf Abo-Elyazied
Helwan Pottery Collection of National Museum of Egyptian Civilization
Results of Preliminary Analysis
Joris van Wetering
Relocating De Morgan’s Royal Tomb at Naqada and Identifying Its Occupant
Sonia Zakrzewski
Dental Morphology, Dental Health and its Social Implications
Cinzia Zegretti
Child Burials of The Nubian A-Group
Elena A. A. Garcea
Pottery Manufactures at Sai Island, Sudan
Atilla Király
HSAP 057 - a Middle Holocene Site in the Fourth Cataract Area, Sudan
Louis Chaix, Jérôme Dubosson, Matthieu Honegger
Bucrania from the Eastern Cemetery at Kerma (Sudan) and the Practice of Cattle Horn Deformation
Piotr Osypiński
The Lithic Traditions of Late-Pleistocene settlement at Affad, Sudan
Noriyuki Shirai
The Fayum Epipalaeolithic in the Light of New Discoveries
Mohamed Hamdan, Barbara E. Barich, Giulio Lucarini, Marina Gallinaro
Sheikh/Bir El Obeiyid
Evidence of Sedentism in the Northern Farafra Depression (Western Desert, Egypt)
Friedrich Berger
Rock Art West of Dakhla
“Water Mountain” Symbols
Mary M. A. McDonald
Beyond The Wadi El-Midauwar
The Holocene Prehistory of The Plateau Edge above Kharga Oasis, Egypt
Heiko Riemer
Archaeological Survey of Wadi Hamra, Gilf Kebir, Egypt
Gregor Wagner, Kristin Heller
Chufu 01/01 - a Pharaonic Outpost in the Western Desert of Egypt
Maciej Jórdeczka, Halina Królik, Mirosław Masojć, Romuald Schild
Early Neolithic Settlements of El Adam Type from Nabta Playa
Site E-06-1
Romuald Schild, Przemysław Bobrowski, Agnieszka Czekaj-Zastawny
The Early Neolithic Offering Tumuli from Sacred Mountain (site E-06-4) in Nabta (Western Desert of Egypt)
Romuald Schild, Fred Wendorf
The New Age Reuse of Nabta Playa’s Neolithic Sanctuary
Krystyna Wasylikowa, Maria Lityńska-Zając
Polish Archaeobotanical Studies in Africa
Joachim Śliwa
Amelia Hertz (1878 -1942/1943) and Her Contribution to the Research on the Beginnings of the Egyptian Civilization
Benoît Poisblaud
A New Discovery of Recent Prehistory in Djibouti
The Asgoumhatian Culture
Michał Kobusiewicz, John R. F. Bower, Audax Z. R. Mabulla
A Cultural Isolate in the Middle Stone Age of Northern Tanzania