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New Titles



Petra Eggensperger, Ingo Kleiber, Rafael Klöber, Stefanie Maria Lorenz und Anne Schindel: Virtuelle Hochschullehre. Ein Handbuch in 50 Fragen und Antworten

How does good teaching work in the virtual space? This handbook gives teachers answers and inspiration.


Ines-Jacqueline Werkner, Lotta Mayer und Madlen Krüger (Hrsg.): Wege aus dem Krieg in der Ukraine: Szenarien - Chancen - Risiken

How will this end? Based on six scenarios sketching various forms and ways of a possible end to the war in Ukraine, this volume examines the chances and risks connected with them.


Frederike van Oorschot und Selina Fucker (Eds.): Framing KI. Narrative, Metaphern und Frames in Debatten über Künstliche Intelligenz

Saviour or threat: New developments in the digital world demand new descriptions, new linguistic images, metaphors and narratives. They shape our understanding of these technologies and pave the way for social debates. The volume combines case studies of these frames, narratives and metaphors with a reflection on the associated ethical questions under the task of an imagination-sensitive ethics.


Johannes Bosch, Jakob Fesenbeckh und Katja Patzel-Mattern (Hrsg.): Studienbuch Körpergeschichte

The body has a history: this realization constitutes the starting point for a history of the body, with several related approaches emerging in the 1970s in various disciplines of the humanities and social sciences. This book presents six theoretical approaches that conceive of the body as a historical and cultural object.


Benjamin Held, Thomas Kirchhoff, Frederike van Oorschot, Philipp Stoellger und Ines-Jacqueline Werkner (Hrsg.): Coronafolgenforschung

„Corona als Riss (Corona as a Rift)” was the title of the first volume of the "FEST kompakt" series published in 2020. Two years on, corona is still a global challenge whose consequences will occupy us for a long time to come. Against this background, the authors in this volume take a look at the complex topic of corona impact assessment from various disciplinary perspectives.


Ines-Jacqueline Werkner, Madlen Krüger und Lotta Mayer (Hrsg.): Krieg in der Ukraine. Hintergründe - Positionen – Reaktionen

The authors of this edited volume examine the background of the war in Ukraine and the constellation of conflict parties. Furthermore, they analyze positions based on ethics of peace as well as those of the church, and highlight Western reactions to the war.


New Titles

New Titles


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