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The German Forum for Art History, Paris (DFK Paris) is an independent art history research institute belonging to the Max Weber Stiftung, which represents German humanities institutes abroad. Its aim is to act as a place for subject-specific exchange, where the scientific traditions of France and the German speaking areas can enter into fruitful dialogue with international perspectives. This forms the basis for interdisciplinary research into the art of both countries within their global context.

The German Forum for Art History, Paris fully supports the principle of Open Access, in order to make the results of its research quickly and easily available to an international readership.

Two publication series, “Passagen” and “Passerelles” are now joined by “Passages online”, which presents in digital form the results of scientific meetings and annual topics of interest. These publications are accessible in several ways: among the online resources found on – ART-Books, via the platform of the Max Weber Stiftung,; alternatively, via the internet site of the DFK Paris, and the kubikat union catalogue.
Additionally, it is also possible to acquire some volumes in printed form.

Thomas W. Gaehtgens, Markus A. Castor, Frédéric Bussmann, Christophe Henry (Hrsg.)
Versailles et l’Europe.
L’appartement monarchique et princier, architecture, décor, cérémonial

Paris & Heidelberg 2017
Passages online, Volume 1

The volume presented here examines the influence of one of the most splendidly representative achievements of the early modern period upon the European courts of the 17th and 18th centuries. The Palace of Versailles was a showroom which made French luxury items known, and desired, far beyond the borders of France, drawing the attention of all regents of the time, and although numerous forms and ideas were borrowed by the artists and craftsmen who settled in the various European courts, the persistence of local traditions should not be under-estimated.

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