„Das Bild als Ereignis e.V.“ – Verein für kunstwissenschaftlichen Austausch und Dialog

Das "Bild als Ereignis e.V." was founded in 2010 as an interdisciplinary network to enhance the exchange between art history resp. art science, related academic disciplines, the art sector and a general public interested in art. The network was established in the context of a conference in Heidelberg with the same name “Das Bild als Ereignis. Zur Lesbarkeit spätmittelalterlicher Kunst mit Hans-Georg Gadamer”. Departing from Gadamer’s hermeneutic conviction that art works have the capacity to speak to the viewer although they are historically distant, the network would like to contribute to the discussion of art works from every epoch and genre. In doing so, the interaction between senior and junior scholar and the discourse between experts and a non-expert audience are a crucial part of our activities. We strive for these aims by organising conferences, workshops, exhibitions and other activities concerning art, architecture, art theory and philosophy. The outcome of our work has been continually published since 2016, in "Specta! Zeitschrift für Bildkultur" (in preparation) and the online series "Das Bild als Ereignis".

For further information about us and our work browse our homepage www.bildalsereignis.de

Das Bild als Ereignis e. V.
Hagenstraße 30
D-64625 Bensheim

Vertreten durch den Vorstand Johann Schulz, Laura Sobez, Dominic E. Delarue, Sabine Koßmann

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E-Mail: verein@bildalsereignis.de


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