Virtual Palaces, Part I
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Martens, Pieter (Ed.): Virtual Palaces, Part I: Digitizing and Modelling Palaces, Heidelberg:, 2016 (PALATIUM e-Publications, Vol. 2).

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ISBN 978-94-6018-482-6 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-946653-17-2 (Softcover)

Published 07.04.2016.


Pieter Martens (Ed.)

Virtual Palaces, Part I

Digitizing and Modelling Palaces

PALATIUM e-Publications

This volume explores the potential role of virtual models for scientific research on historic palaces. The rise of digital surveying and modelling techniques has revolutionized the ways in which historic buildings such as court residences can be studied. These new techniques offer unprecedented opportunities for architectural historians but also lead to new challenges.

One challenge is the reliability and verifiability of the data that is used to make digital models, whether surveys of extant buildings or reconstructions of lost buildings. Another is the use of virtual palaces as research instruments in their own right – not just to communicate results to the wider public, but as genuine research tools that help visualize and clarify hypotheses about issues such as construction phases or the spaces’ ceremonial use.

Krista De Jonge
Pieter Martens
Noémie Renaudin, Bertrand Rondot, Livio De Luca
3D Virtual Reconstruction and Visualization of the Petit Trianon in Versailles
Daniela Oreni, Raffaella Brumana, Branka Cuca
The Vaults of Villa Reale in Monza
A 3D Virtual Model for the Accurate Understanding of their Genesis and Construction Techniques
Anca Bratuleanu, Stefano D’Avino, Giovanni Mataloni
Romanian Court Residences
The Potlogi Palace: History and Virtual Recording as Restoration Tools
Md Mizanur Rashid, Hafizur Rahaman
Revisiting the Past through Virtual Reconstruction
The Case of the Grand Monuments of Paharpur, Bangladesh
João Neto, Maria Neto, Ricardo Silva
Historic Buildings through a Multimedia Experience
A Research Project on the Palaces of Sintra (Portugal)
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