Das Phänomen Skatesticker
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Pachl, Pamela Sylvia: Das Phänomen Skatesticker: Bildrezeptionen und Kunstadaptionen in der Skateboardszene, Heidelberg: arthistoricum.net, 2017. https://doi.org/10.11588/arthistoricum.244.325

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ISBN 978-3-946653-57-8 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-946653-58-5 (Softcover)

Published 30.05.2017.


Pamela Sylvia Pachl

Das Phänomen Skatesticker

Bildrezeptionen und Kunstadaptionen in der Skateboardszene

Skatestickers are graphically designed stickers distributed by skate labels (manufacturers of skateboards and accessories). Originally, they were produced for advertising purposes only, but have now become icons for the scene:  “the visual expression of a lifestyle”, “the visual imprint of our feelings”, “a simple way of demonstrating the identification with a group”. Skaters collect, trade and value these stickers. Our visual research approach allows us to analyse and recognise the complex image motifs, which often adapt the visual arts, in these graphic design items and their increasingly autonomous function as visual media for a scene.

Dr. Pamela Pachl (*1980) lives and works in Mannheim. She studied History of Art and German at the Universities of Heidelberg, Mannheim, and Landau (Magistra Artium). In addition to her specialist area (classical modern and contemporary art), she has been focussing on researching cultural image phenomena (such as skatestickers, graffiti, street art, etc.) based on visual studies.

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1 Einleitung
2 Skateboardkultur
3 Skatestickerkultur – Aufkleber zwischen Marketing und Kultobjekt
4 Skatesticker und deren Korrelationen zur Streetart
5 Skatesticker als Bildmedien
6 Exemplarische Skatestickeranalysen
7 Empirische Studie zur Skatestickerrezeption
8 Adaptionen auf Skatestickern
9 Zusammenfassung und Ausblick
10 Literaturverzeichnis
11 Anhang
12 Abbildungskatalog