Konferenzband EVA 2007 Berlin. Elektronische Bildverarbeitung & Kunst, Kultur, Historie
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Bienert, Andreas , Stanke, Gerd and Hemsley, James (Eds.): Konferenzband EVA 2007 Berlin. Elektronische Bildverarbeitung & Kunst, Kultur, Historie: Die 14. Berliner Veranstaltung der internationalen EVA-Serie Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts, Heidelberg: arthistoricum.net, 2017 (2007) (EVA Berlin, Vol. 14). https://doi.org/10.11588/arthistoricum.213.284

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ISBN 978-3-946653-47-9 (PDF)

Published 08.02.2017.

The original publication was published in 2007 by the Ges. zur Förderung Angewandter Informatik Berlin, ISBN 978-3-9809212-8-2.


Andreas Bienert , Gerd Stanke , James Hemsley (Eds.)

Konferenzband EVA 2007 Berlin. Elektronische Bildverarbeitung & Kunst, Kultur, Historie

Die 14. Berliner Veranstaltung der internationalen EVA-Serie Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts

EVA Berlin


Andreas Bienert, Gerd Stanke, James Hemsley
Die EVA 2007 Berlin im Überblick
Thomas Tunsch
Museums and Wikipedia
Patrick Danowski
Library 2.0 and Museum 2.0: New forms of presentation and indexing
Constanze Wicke
The museum as transmitter: Podcasting as new way of museum communication
Peter Seiler, Tatjana Bartsch, Martin Rode
Antike im Blick: Open Access für den Census of Antique Works of Art and Architecture Known in the Renaissance
Martin Warnke, Heinz-Günter Kuper, Sabine Helmers
Hyperlmage - Image-Oriented e-Science Networks
Susanne Schumacher
A Tool for the Visual Use of Images in Databases
Andreas Henning, Lutz M. Hagen, Alexander Böttcher
The Old Masters Picture Gallery at Second Life - New Media as a tool for Relationship Management
Brigitte Reineke, Constanza Caraffa
The online exhibitions by the photo library of Florence - concept and realization
Moritz Wullen, Joachim Brand
„Ornamental Prints“ Die Ornamentstichsammlung der Kunstbibliothek als digitales Bildgedächtnis
Martina Caspers
„Pictures of German history“ - image-digitalization and picture database of the Federal Archives
Eileen Kühn, Matthias Prellwitz, Jürgen Sieck
Design and Implementation of multimodal city information systems using a prototype for the multimedia guide of “Jewish Places of Retrospection in Berlin”
Harald Krämer
Artcampus 2007
New e-learning courses about architecture and iconography
Winfried Gerling, Barbara Lauterbach
Multitasking - Synchronicity as a Cultural Practice
An exhibition and a symposium on a key phenomenon of the contemporary use of media
Rosemarie Wirthmüller
CAT™ - Assemble your own Multimedia Tour
Markus Blanchebarbe
Selected Aspects of PDA-based visitor information
Bernd Breuckmann, Lóránd Bereczky, Zsófia Végvári
High Definition 3-dimensional Scanning and Printing Technologies in Arts and Cultural Heritage, Archaeology and Palaeontology
Vladimir Smutný, Petr Prášek, Tomáš Pajdla, Petr Palatka
3D Reconstruction of Langweil’s Model of Prague: Data Acquisition
Thorsten Hermes, Arne Jacobs, Adalbert F. X. Wilhelm
Automatic Image Annotation by Association Rules
Norbert Nowotsch
Die Koppelung von physischen und virtuellen Anteilen in medialen Inszenierungen
Alexander Geschke, Michael Steinfels, Dirk Zimmermann
Mobile stock census for museums, archives and libraries
Przemyslaw Lagodzinski, Bogdan Smolka
Old photographs colorization based on extended distance transformation
Sławomir Nikiel
Modeling structure of architectural artefacts - Polnische Kirche in Zielona Góra
Petra Tesch
Digitale Filmrestaurierung
Fredrik Palm
QVIZ - the Future Access to European Archives
Benedetto Benedetti, Emilia Masci
The global digital archive of the Soprintendenza of Pompeii and the new Portal of Italian Culture by the Ministry of Culture - Scuola Normale di Pisa. Objectives and features
Valerio Corini
TWIST -Tourism Wide Infrastructure supported by Satellite Technology
Winfried Bergmeyer
Nestor - The Challenge of long-term Preservation of digital Resources
Günther Gromke
Digital Asset Management - effective handling of media data
Ruth Goebel, Birgit Jooss
The Digital Edition of the Enrolment Register of the Academy of Fine Arts in Munich - a Project Report
Vito Cappellini, Roberto Caldelli, Francesca Uccheddu
Copyright Protection: from 2D to 3D Watermarking
PENTACON Scan 6000 - Scannerkameras der neuesten Generation
Susanne Schreier
Breuckmann GmbH, Tondo Bt
High Definition 3-dimensional Scanning and Printing Technologies
ImageWare Components GmbH
Bookeye® - Buch- und Aufsichtsscanner
Wolfgang Seljé
Digitalisierung und Archivierung von Sammlungsbeständen
Karsten Leuthold
Holm Brendler
robotron*Daphne - Web-based Collection Management System
Wolfgang Schade
RecType - a system for recognition of typewritten documents
Andriy A. Kryuchyn, Viacheslav Petrov, Semen Shanoylo, Igor Kosyak, Vitalina Koval, I. Dovganiuk
Restoration of Osyp Rozdolsky phonoarchive
Valeriya Shulgina, Elena Aphonina
Establishment of the Modern Ukrainian Music Resources of Multipurpose Electronic Library
Startext Unternehmensberatung GmbH
HiDA- Der Hierarchische Dokument-Administrator
EVA Berlin Elektronische Bildverarbeitung & Kunst, Kultur, Historie Konferenzunterlagen
Gesellschaft zur Förderung angewandter Informatik e. V.
Electronic Imaging & the Visual Arts EVA-Konferenzen 2007 und 2008