Homo pictor
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Bracker, Jacobus (Ed.): Homo pictor: Image Studies and Archaeology in Dialogue, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2020 (Freiburger Studien zur Archäologie und visuellen Kultur, Vol. 2). https://doi.org/10.11588/propylaeum.709

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ISBN 978-3-948465-77-3 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-948465-78-0 (Hardcover)

Published 08.10.2020.


Jacobus Bracker (Ed.)

Homo pictor

Image Studies and Archaeology in Dialogue

Freiburger Studien zur Archäologie und visuellen Kultur

The contributions to this collection discuss – from a general perspective and on the basis of concrete examples – how the epistemic potentials of the manifold current strands of image and visual culture studies on images and their perception – which proliferated since the pictorial and the iconic turn – can be made available for the archaeological study of image cultures. They address semiotic and perceptual, frame-semantic, affect-theoretical and cognitive approaches as well as questions of image contexts and the agency of images.

Jacobus Bracker
Introduction: Archaeology and Image Studies
Charlotte Behr
The Image as a Normative Force
Nikolaus Dietrich
Zur heuristischen Kategorie des Kontextes in der Archäologie
Bemerkungen zu einem attischen Schalenfragment des Phintias
Elisabeth Günther
Heterogenitäten, Inkongruenzen, Widersprüche – tragödien- und komödienbezogene Vasenbilder aus Unteritalien und deren Bilderzählung
Stefanie Johns
»Dein Blick weckt mein Begehren.«
Über Bilderfahrungen und Blickbeziehungen aus Perspektive visueller Bildung
Davide Nadali, Ludovico Portuese
Archaeology of Images: Context and Intericonicity in Neo-Assyrian Art
Martina Sauer
Panofsky – Warburg – Cassirer
From Iconology to Image Science
Göran Sonesson
Homo Pictor Redux
The Cognitive Semiotics of Temporally and/or Spatially Distant Objects
Sonja Speck, Katharina Zartner
Approaching Archaeological Images with Cognitive Science
Simone Voegtle
Semiotic Investigations Regarding Image Transfer in the Art of Gandhāra
Elisabeth Wagner-Durand
Imaging Emotions
Emotional Communities of Mesopotamia and the Potential of an ‘Emotional Turn’ in the Study of Visual Cultures
Notes on Contributors