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Żak, Jan et al.: Origin and early development of food-producing cultures in North-Eastern Africa, edited by Lech Krzyżaniak and Michał Kobusiewicz, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2017 (Studies in African Archaeology, Volume 1).


ISBN 978-3-946654-73-5 (PDF)


The original publication was published 1984 in Poznan Archaeological Museum, Poznan


Lech Krzyżaniak, Michał Kobusiewicz (Eds.)

Origin and early development of food-producing cultures in North-Eastern Africa



Table of Contents
List of Contents
Lech Krzyżaniak, Michał Kobusiewicz
From the Organizers and Editors
List of Members of the Symposium
Jan Żak
Address to the Participants
Fred Wendorf
J. Desmond Clark
The domestication process in Northeast Africa: ecological change and adaptive strategies
Achilles Gautier
Quaternary mammals and archaeozoology of Egypt and the Sudan: a survey
John A. Alexander
The end of the moving frontier in the Neolithic of North-Eastern Africa
Abbas S. Mohammed-Ali
Evidence of early food production in Northeast Africa: an alternative model
Margherita Mussi
Un modèle des débuts de l’agriculture au Proche-Orient
Whitney Davis
The earliest art in the Nile Valley
Erika Endesfelder
Social and economic development towards the end of the Predynastic period in Egypt
Bruce G. Trigger
The mainlines of socio-economic development in dynastic Egypt to the end of the Old Kingdom
Peter L. Shinnie
The mainlines of socio-economic development in the Sudan in Post-Neolithic times
Fred Wendorf, Romuald Schild
Some implications of Late Palaeolithic cereal exploitation at Wadi Kubbaniya (Upper Egypt)
Ann Stemler, Richard H. Falk
Evidence of grains from the site of Wadi Kubbaniya (Upper Egypt)
Pierre M. Vermeersch
Subsistence activities on the Late Palaeolithic sites of Elkab (Upper Egypt)
Douglas R. Connor
The Kiseiba Plateau: a systematic surface survey in Egypt’s Western Desert
Kimball Morgan Banks
Early ceramic-bearing occupations in the Egyptian Western Desert
Angela E. Close
Early Holocene raw material economies in the Western Desert of Egypt
Michał Kobusiewicz
The multicultural Early Holocene site E-79-4 at El Ghorab Playa, Western Desert of Egypt
Margherita Mussi, Isabella Caneva, Annalisa Zarattini
More on the Terminal Palaeolithic of the Fayum Depression
Robert J. Wenke
Early agriculture in the Southern Fayum Depression: some test survey results and research implications
Maria Casini
Neolithic and Predynastic in the Fayum
Anthony J. Mills
Research in the Dakhleh Oasis
Thomas R. Hays
Predynastic development in Upper Egypt
Fekri A. Hassan
Toward a model of agricultural developments in Predynastic Egypt
Stan Hendrickx
The Late Predynastic cemetery at Elkab (Upper Egypt)
Dirk Huyge
Rock drawings at the mouth of Wadi Hellal, Elkab (Upper Egypt)
Bolesław Ginter, Janusz K. Kozłowski
The Tarifian and the origin of the Naqadian
Béatrix Midant-Reynes
La taille des couteaux de silex du type Gebel-el-Arak et la dénomination du silex en égyptien
Dietrich Wildung
Terminal prehistory of the Nile Delta: theses
Florence Braunstein-Silvestre
Quand le cheval arrive-t-il en Egypte?
Prentiss S. de Jesus
Comments on the development of pyrotechnology in early societies
Alessandra Nibbi
Some Early Dynastic clues relating to the environment of Ancient Egypt
Eugen Strouhal
Craniometric analysis of the Late Palaeolithic population of the Wadi Haifa region (Lower Nubia)
Jean Leclant
Les gravures rupestres du Gebel Gorgod (Nubie)
Isabella Caneva, Annalisa Zarattini
Saggai: a settlement of hunter-fishers north of Khartoum
A. Tigani El Mahi
An interpretation of the faunal remains from El Zakiab site (Central Sudan)
Lech Krzyżaniak
The Neolithic habitation at Kadero (Central Sudan)
Achilles Gautier
The fauna of the Neolithic site of Kadero (Central Sudan)
Tadeusz Dzierżykray-Rogalski
Remarks on the position of human remains in the Neolithic graves at Kadero (Central Sudan)
Melania Klichowska
Plants of the Neolithic Kadero (Central Sudan): a palaeoethnobotanical study of the plant impressions on pottery
Elżbieta Promińska
The demography of the populations from Kadero (Central Sudan)
Marek Chlodnicky
Pottery from the Neolithic settlement at Kadero (Central Sudan)
Jacek Nowakowski
The typology of lithic implements from the Neolithic settlement at Kadero (Central Sudan)
Isabella Caneva
Early Neolithic settlement and later cemetery at Geili (Central Sudan)
Francis Geus
Excavations at El Kadada and the Neolithic of the Central Sudan
Fred Wendorf, Romuald Schild
The earliest, Holocene production of cereals in the Egyptian Sahara
Burchard Brentjes
Agriculture, domestication and the rock-art
Baldur Gabriel
Great plains and mountain areas as habitats for the Neolithic man in the Sahara
Barbara E. Barich, Giorgio Belluomini, Francescopaolo Bonadonna, Marisa Alessio, Luigia Manfra
Ecological and cultural relevance of the recent new radiocarbon dates from Libyan Sahara
Ginette Aumassip
Modes de vie néolithique dans le Sahara Oriental Algérien
Mark A. W. Milburn
Some enigmatic stone artifacts of the Eastern Sahara: “rondins de pierre”
Colette Roubet, Patrick L. Carter
La domestication au Maghreb: état de la question
David Lubell
The Capsian palaeoeconomy in the Maghreb
John A. Alexander, Diane P. Gifford-González
Faunal evidence for early stock-keeping in the Central Rift of Kenya: preliminary findings
John R. F. Bower
Subsistence-settlement systems of the Pastoral Neolithic in East Africa
John Kimengich, Charles M. Nelson
Early phases of pastoral adaptation in the Central Highlands of Kenya
David E. Phillipson
Aspects of early food production in Northern Kenya
J. Desmond Clark
Fred Wendorf, J. Desmond Clark
Poznań Branch - Polish academy of Sciences