Environmental change and human culture in the Nile Basin and Northern Africa until the second millennium B.C.
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Krzyżaniak, Lech , Kobusiewicz, Michał und Alexander, John (Hrsg.): Environmental change and human culture in the Nile Basin and Northern Africa until the second millennium B.C., Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2017 (Studies in African Archaeology, Band 4). https://doi.org/10.11588/propylaeum.202.273

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ISBN 978-3-946654-43-8 (PDF)

Veröffentlicht am 19.01.2017.

Die Originalausgabe erschien 1993 beim Poznan Archaeological Museum, Poznan, ISBN 978-83-900434-1-8.


Krzyżaniak, Lech, Kobusiewicz, Michał, Alexander, John (Hrsg.)

Environmental change and human culture in the Nile Basin and Northern Africa until the second millennium B.C.

Studies in African Archaeology


Table of Contents
Krzyżaniak, Lech, Kobusiewicz, Michał
From the Organizers and Editors
List of Participants in the Symposium
Barker, Graeme
The UNESCO Libyan Valleys Survey
environmental change and human settlement in Tripolitania
Wasylikowa, Krystyna
Plant macrofossils from the archaeological sites of Uan Muhuggiag and Ti-n-Torha, Southwestern Libya
Pazdur, Mieczysław F.
Evaluation of radiocarbon dates of organic samples from Uan Muhuggiag and Ti-n-Torha, Southwestern Libya
Clark, John Desmond
The Aterian of the Central Sahara
Smith, Andrew B.
Terminal Palaeolithic industries of Sahara
a discussion of new data
Smith, Andrew B.
New approaches to Saharan rock art of the Bovidian Period
Vernet, Robert
Le Néolithique recent dans le sud-ouest du Sahara
Wendorf, Fred, Schild, Romuald, Close, Angela E.
Middle Palaeolithic occupations at Bir Tarfawi and Bir Sahara East, Western Desert of Egypt
Close, Angela E.
BT-14, a stratified Middle Palaeolithic site at Bir Tarfawi, Western Desert of Egypt
Gautier, Achilles
The faunal spectrum of the Middle Palaeolithic in Bir Tarfawi, Western Desert of Egypt
Peer, Philip van
Levallois variability and the Middle Palaeolithic of the Lower Nile Valley and the Eastern Sahara
Dittmann, Andreas
Environmental and climatic change in the northern part of the Eastern Desert during Middle Palaeolithic and Neolithic times
Neumann, Katharina
Holocene vegetation of the Eastern Sahara
charcoal from prehistoric sites
Barich, Barbara E.
Culture and environment between the Sahara and the Nile in the Early and Mid-Holocene
Cziesla, Erwin
Investigations into the archaeology of the Sitra-Hatiyet, Northwestern Egypt
McDonald, Mary M. A.
Cultural adaptations in Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt, in the Early to Mid-Holocene
Brookes, Ian A.
Early Holocene basinal sediments of the Dakhleh Oasis region, Egypt (theses)
Kuper, Rudolph
Sahel in Egypt
environmental change and cultural development in the Abu Ballas area, Libyan Desert
Hahn, Joachim
Neolithic settlement patterns in the Gebel Kamil area, Southwestern Egypt
Schuck, Werner
An archaeological survey of the Selima Sandsheet, Sudan
Kröpelin, Stefan
The Gilf Kebir and Lower Wadi Howar
contrasting Early and Mid-Holocene environments in the Eastern Sahara
Wunderlich, Jürgen
The natural conditions for Pre- and Early Dynastic settlement in the Western Nile Delta around Tell el-Fara'in, Buto
Schmidt, Klaus
Comments to the lithic industry of the Buto-Maadi culture in Lower Egypt
Brink, Edwin C. M. van den
Settlement patterns in the Northeastern Nile Delta during the fourth-second millennia B.C.
Wit, Huib E. de
The evolution of the Eastern Nile Delta as a factor in the development of human culture
Krzyżaniak, Lech
New data on the late prehistoric settlement at Minshat Abu Omar, Eastern Nile Delta
Kozłowski, Janusz K., Ginter, Bolesław
Holocene changes in the Fayum
Lake Moeris and the evolution of climate in Northeastern Africa
Vermeersch, Pierre M., Paulissen, Etienne
Palaeolithic chert quarrying and mining in Egypt
Lityńska, Maria
Plant remains from the Neolithic site at Armant
preliminary report
Pawlikowski, Maciej
Mineralogy of Nile Valley sediments as an indicator of changes of climate
the Armant-Luxor area, Upper Egypt
Hoffman, Michael A., Mills, James O.
Problems of assessing environmental impact on the Predynastic settlements of Hierakonpolis
Keding, Birgit
Leiterband sites in the Wadi Howar, North Sudan
Dumont, Henri J., El Moghraby, Asim I.
Holocene evolution of climate and environment, and stone "city" ruins in Northern Darfur, Sudan
is there a relationship?
Chaix, Louis, Grant, Annie
Palaeoenvironment and economy at Kerma, Northern Sudan, during the third millennium B.C.
archaeozoological and botanical evidence
Caneva, Isabella
Pre-pastoral Middle Nile
local developments and Saharan contacts
Peters, Joris
Animal exploitation between the fifth and the sixth Cataract ca. 8,500 - 7,000 B.P.
a preliminary report on the faunas from E1 Damer, Abu Darbein and Aneibis
Sadr, Karim
Environmental change and the development of nomadism in the East-Central Sudan
Marks, Anthony E.
Climatic and cultural changes in the Southern Atbai, Sudan, from the fifth through the third millennium B.C.
Fattovich, Rodolfo
The Gash Group of the Eastern Sudan
an outline
Gabriel, Baldur, Voigt, Bernd, Ghod, Mumin Mohamud
Quaternary ecology in Northern Somalia
a preliminary field report
Coltorti, Mauro, Mussi, Margherita
Hunter-gatherers of the Middle Juba Valley, Southern Somalia, during the Early Holocene
Pazdur, Mieczysław F., Michczyńska, Danuta J.
Probabilistic calibration of radiocarbon dates with specific examples from Northeastern Africa
Fujimoto, Tsuyoshi
Studies of wear on grinding stones
Casini, Maria
Craft production in Lower Egypt during Late Predynastic times with special reference to Ma'adi