Late prehistory of the Nile Basin and the Sahara
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Krzyżaniak, Lech und Kobusiewicz, Michał (Hrsg.): Late prehistory of the Nile Basin and the Sahara, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2017 (Studies in African Archaeology, Band 2).

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ISBN 978-3-946654-41-4 (PDF)

Veröffentlicht am 16.01.2017.

Die Originalausgabe erschien 1989 beim Poznan Archaeological Museum, Poznan


Krzyżaniak, Lech, Kobusiewicz, Michał (Hrsg.)

Late prehistory of the Nile Basin and the Sahara

Studies in African Archaeology


List of Contents
Krzyżaniak, Lech
Krzyżaniak, Lech, Kobusiewicz, Michał
From the Organizers and Editors
List of Participants in the Symposium
Kobusiewicz, Michał
Opening Address
Ammerman, Albert J.
The use of Landsat imagery for reconnaissance work in the Sahara
Doggett, Hugh
A suggested history of the crops common to Ethiopia and India
Neer, Willem van
Fishing along the prehistoric Nile
Banks, Kimball Morgan
The appearance and spread of cattle-keeping in Saharan North Africa
Wendorf, Fred, Close, Angela E., Schild, Romuald
Early domestic cattle and scientific methodology
Smith, Andrew B.
The Near Eastern connection
Early to Mid-Holocene relations between North Africa and the Levant
Babiker, Zoheir H.
Corr´´elations culturelles et problèmes chronologiques entre le Nil Soudanais et le Sahara
Vermeersch, Pierre M., Paulissen, Etienne, Neer, Willem van
The Late Palaeolithic Makhadma sites (Egypt)
environment and subsistence
Close, Angela E.
Lithic development in the Kubbaniyan (Upper Egypt)
Brewer, Douglas J.
A model for resource exploitation in the prehistoric Fayum
Wenke, Robert J., Casini, Maria
The Epipaleolithic-Neolithic transition in Egypt’s Fayum Depression
Kozłowski, Janusz K., Ginter, Bolesław
The Fayum Neolithic in the light of new discoveries
Henneberg, Maciej, Kobusiewicz, Michał, Schild, Romuald, Wendorf, Fred
The Early Neolithic, Qarunian burial from the Northern Fayum Desert (Egypt)
Kuper, Rudolph
The Eastern Sahara from North to South
data and dates from the B.O.S. Project
Cziesla, Erwin
Sitra and related sites at the western border of Egypt
Schön, Werner
New results from two playa-sites in the Gilf Kebir (Egypt)
Klees, Frank
a contribution to the prehistory of the eastern Sand Sea and the Egyptian oases
Edwards, Ian, Hope, Colin A.
A note on the Neolithic ceramics from the Dakhleh Oasis (Egypt)
Holmes, Diane L.
Inter-regional variability in Egyptian Predynastic lithic assemblages
Tutundžić, Sava P.
The problem of foreign north-eastern relations of Upper Egypt, particularly in Badarian period
an aspect
Ciałowicz, Krzysztof M.
Predynastic mace-heads in the Nile Valley
Krzyżaniak, Lech
Recent archaeological evidence on the earliest settlement in the eastern Nile Delta
Caneva, Isabella, Frangipane, Marcella, Palmieri, Alba
Recent excavations at Maadi (Egypt)
Barocas, Claudio, Fattovich, Rodolfo, Tosi, Maurizio
The Oriental institute of Naples expedition to Petrie’s South Town (Upper Egypt), 1977-1983
an interim report
Hassan, Fekri A., Matson, Richard G.
Seriation of predynastic potsherds from the Nagada region (Upper Egypt)
Hoffman, Michael Allen
A stratified Predynastic sequence from Hierakonpolis (Upper Egypt)
Aksamit, Joanna
The gold handle of a fishtail dagger from Gebelein (Upper Egypt)
Dzierżykray-Rogalski, Tadeusz
Sur la paléodemographie de l’oasis de Dakhleh (Egypte)
Nibbi, Alessandra
Some remarks on two very early but enduring symbols in ancient Egypt
Gautier, Achilles
A general review of the known prehistoric faunas of the Central Sudanese Nile Valley
Haaland, Randi
The Late Neolithic culture-historical sequence in the Central Sudan
Chłodnicki, Marek
The petrographic analyses of the Neolithic pottery of Central Sudan
Caneva, Isabella
Typological notes
the Sudanese case
Hakem, Ahmed M. Ali, Khabir, Abdel Rahim M.
Sarourab 2
Clark, John Desmond
an Early Khartoum settlement on the White Nile
Fernández, Victor M.
A new Neolithic site near Khartoum
Promińska, Elżbieta
Anthropological examination of human remains from Geili (Central Sudan)
Schuck, Werner
From lake to well
5,000 years of settlement in Wadi Shaw (Northern Sudan)
Richter, Jürgen
Neolithic sites in the Wadi Howar (Western Sudan)
Marks, Anthony E.
The later prehistory of the Central Nile Valley
a view from its Eastern Hinterlands
Marks, Anthony E., Fattovich, Rodolfo
The later prehistory of the Eastern Sudan
a preliminary view
Magid, Anwar A.
Exploitation of plants in the Eastern Sahel (Sudan), 5,000-2,000 B.C.
Peters, Joris
The faunal remains from several sites at Jebel Shaqadud (Central Sudan)
a preliminary report
Mohammed-Ali, Abbas S. A., Jaeger, Susan E.
The early ceramics of the Eastern Butana (Sudan)
Fattovich, Rodolfo
The late prehistory of the Gash Delta (Eastern Sudan)
Barich, Barbara E.
Uan Muhuggiag rock shelter (Tadrart Acacus) and the late prehistory of the Libyan Sahara
Tillet, Thierry
La fin des temps paléolithiques dans le Bassin Tchadien nord-occidental
Jelínek, Jan
Saharan Neolithic rock art
Milburn, Mark
Enigmatic stone objects of the Saharan Neolithic and Post-Neolithic