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Vincenzo, Salvatore De (Ed.): Trade in Ancient Sardinia: Panel 5.4, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2022 (Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World: Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Cologne/Bonn 2018, Volume 29).


ISBN 978-3-96929-005-7 (PDF)
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Salvatore De Vincenzo (Ed.)

Trade in Ancient Sardinia: Panel 5.4

The themes of this panel are the modes of trade in ancient Sardinia. What are the trade routes touching ancient Sardinia? Which areas and cities in Sardinia were most involved in these exchanges? Which products were exchanged and how was the island's production affected by trade? Which patterns are observable in importing and imitating foreign goods, which were carried to the island by traders? How do these aspects change over time, from Archaic times to Late Antiquity?
This analysis on ancient trade in Sardinia will be carried out predominantly based on pottery contexts. But of course, other trade goods like iron ore, of which Sardinia possessed great amounts, thereby shaping trade routes from the first millennium BC onwards, will be taken into account as well. The chronological phases in question range from Archaic times to Late Antiquity, comprising transactions of indigenous people, Carthaginians, and Greeks, with particular regard to the trade in the Roman era.

Salvatore De Vincenzo

Salvatore De Vincenzo is professor of Classical Archaology at the University of Tuscia – Viterbo and director of the archaeological excavation projects in Cornus, Liternum, Pausilypon, Sorrina and Volsinii Novi.