Archaeology of Early Northeastern Africa
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Kroeper, Karla , Chłodnicki, Marek und Kobusiewicz, Michał (Hrsg.): Archaeology of Early Northeastern Africa: In Memory of Lech Krzyżaniak, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2017 (Studies in African Archaeology, Band 9).

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ISBN 978-3-946654-45-2 (PDF)

Veröffentlicht am 13.02.2017.

Die Originalausgabe erschien 2009 beim Poznan Archaeological Museum, Poznan, ISBN 978-83-60109-06-9.


Kroeper, Karla, Chłodnicki, Marek, Kobusiewicz, Michał (Hrsg.)

Archaeology of Early Northeastern Africa

In Memory of Lech Krzyżaniak

Studies in African Archaeology


Kobusiewicz, Michał, Wildung, Dietrich
Prof. Dr. hab. Lech Krzyżaniak
Khabir, Abdelrahim M.
Some New Reclections on Islang and Nofalab Neolithic Sites in Khartoum Province, Sudan
Bobrowski, Przemysław, Jórdeczka, Maciej
A survey in the Wadi Awatib near Naga
Chaix, Louis
New data about rural economy in the Kerma culture
the site of Gism el-Arba (Sudan)
Cremaschi, Mauro, Salvatori, Sandro, Usai, Donatella, Zerboni, Andrea
A further "tessera" to the huge "mosaic"
studying the ancient settlement pattern of the El Salha region (south-west of Omdurman, Central Sudan)
Edwards, David N.
Mid Holocene game drives in Nubian landscapes?
Fernández, Víctor M.
The Prehistory of the Blue Nile Region (Central Sudan and Western Ethiopia)
Garcea, Elena A. A.
Pottery making processes at Esh Shaheinab, Sudan
Gautier, Achilles
The faunal remains of the Early Neolithic site Kadero, Central Sudan
Gratien, Brigitte
Kerma people in Egypt (Middle and Classic Kerma)
Haaland, Randi
Ritual and political aspect of iron working
iron in war and conflict
Judd, Margaret
Jebel Sahaba Revisited
Welsby, Derek A.
Two unusual monuments in the Northern Dongola Reach of the Nile, Sudan
Williams, Bruce
A-Group Society in the Context of Northeastern Africa
Berger, Friedrich
Relative chronology of rock art at Djedefre's Water Mountain, SW-Egypt
Bobrowski, Przemysław, Schild, Romuald, Calderoni, Gilberto
Late Neolithic Settlements (E-01-2 "CAMP") from the Gebel Ramlah Playa Basin, South-Western Desert of Egypt (Preliminary Report)
Gatto, Maria Carmela
The Early A-Group in Upper Lower Nubia, Upper Egypt and the surrounding deserts
Keding, Birgit
Pottery of the Wadi Howar
traditions, transformations and their implications
Kuper, Rudolph
An attempt at structuring the Holocene occupation of the Eastern Sahara
Lange, Mathias
The archaeology of Wadi Hariq (NW-Sudan)
Results from the excavations 1999 and 2001
Lange, Mathias, Nordström, Hans-Åke
Abkan connections
The relationshiop between the Abkan culture in the Nile valley and Early Nubian Sites from the Laqiya Region (Eastern Sahara, Nortwest-Sudan)
Milburn, Mark
Some enigmatic phenomena of the East, Central and West Sahara
Pöllath, Nadja
Mid-Holocene pastoralism in North-Western Sudan
cattle bone finds from Wadi Hariq and their cultural implications
Riemer, Heiko, Schönfeld, Peter
The prehistoric pottery of Abu Tartur, Western Desert of Egypt
Shirai, Noriyuki
Origins and development of bifacial stone tools and their implications for the beginning of animal herding in the Egyptian Western Desert
Vermeersch, Pierre M., Neer, Willem van, Gullentops, Frans
El Abadiya 3, Upper Egypt, a Late Palaeolithic site on the shore of a large Nile lake
Churcher, Charles S., Kleindienst, Maxine R.
A Pre-Dynastic Ass (Equus asinus) from the Sheikh Muftah Cultural Horizon of the Dakhleh Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt
Kleindienst, Maxine R., Churcher, Charles S., Churcher, B., Schwarcz, Henry P., Haldemann, Albert F. C., Smith, Jennifer R., Osinski, Gordon R.
Geoarchaeological investigations in Dakhleh Oasis, Western Desert, Egypt
Did a meteorite strike Dakhleh during the time of Middle Stone Age occupations?
Kobusiewicz, Michał
Stone knapping tradition in Old Kingdom Dakhleh
Lucarini, Giulio
The use and exploitation of sorghum and wild plants in the Hidden Valley village (Farafra Oasis Egypt)
McDonald, Mary M. A.
Holocene Prehistory of the Wady el Midauwara above Kharga Oasis, Egypt
Riemer, Heiko
Out of Dakhla
Cultural diversity and mobility between the Egyptian Oases and the Great Sand Sea during the Holocene humid phase
Thompson, J. L., Madden, G. M.
Skeletal Biology of Neolithic Human Remains from Dakhleh Oasis, Egypt
Warfe, Ashten R., Jamieson, Andrew S.
Experimental Archaeology in Dakhleh Oasis, South Central Egypt
New Insights on the Prehistoric Pottery Industry
Aksamit, Joanna
A new list of vases with 'Cult-signs
Anđelković, Branislav
Models of State Formation in Predynastic Egypt
Baqué-Manzano, Lucas
State Formation in Ancient Egypt after the reading of Ibn Khaldûn's Muqaddimah
Fattovich, Rodolfo
Some general remarks on the origins of the state in Upper Egypt
Giuliani, Serena
Defining Pan-Grave Pottery
Harrington, Nicola
MacGregor Man and the development of anthropomorphic figures in the Late Predynastic Period
Hartung, Ulrich
Some remarks on a rock drawing from Gebel Tjauti
Hassan, Fekri A., Jiménez, Alejandro, Tassie, Geoffrey J.
The sequence and chronology of the Protodynastic and Dynasty I rulers
Hendrickx, Stan
The dog, the Lycaon pictus and order over chaos in Predynastic Egypt
Keita, Shomarka O. Y.
Early Farmers from El-Badari: Aboriginals or "European" Agro-Nostratic immigrants to the Nile Valley?
Craniometric affinities considered with other evidence
Keita, Shomarka O. Y.
The interpretation of variation in skull porosities by burial position in the Dynasty I royal cemetery complex in Abydos, Upper Egypt
Río Álvarez, Candelaria Martín del
Predynastic Hairpins and Combs from the Necropolis of Naqada
Preliminary Conclusions
Rampersad, Sabrina R.
Tell el-Masha'la
A Predynastiv/Early Dynastic Site in the Eastern Nile Delta
Brink, Edwin C. M. van den, Braun, Eliot
South Levantine Influences on Egyptian Stone and Pottery Production
Some Rare Examples
Wetering, Joris van, Tassie, Geoffrey J.
Considering the Archaeology of Early Northeast Africa
Interpretation & Methodology
Zakrzewski, Sonia R.
Human Skeletal Diversity in the Egyptian Nile Valley
Chłodnicki, Marek
Tell el-Farkha
stratigraphy of the Eastern Kom (N)
Ciałowicz, Krzysztof M.
From Residence to Early Temple
the Case of Tell el-Farkha
Dębowska, Joanna
Tell el-Farkha Necropolis in 2003
Mączyńska, Agnieszka
Egyptian-Southern Levantine Interaction in the 4th and 3rd Millenium B.C.
A View from Tell el-Farkha
Barich, Barbara E.
The Archaelogy of Jebel Gharbi
Contributions to the Knowledge of the Pleistocene-Holocene Transition in Northern Libya
Garcea, Elena A. A., Giraudi, Carlo
Earthquakes and Tectonic Dynamics Favouring Late Pleistocene Human Settlements in the Jebel Gharbi, Libya
Jesse, Friederike
Pastoral Groups in the Southern Libyan Desert
The Handessi Horizon (c. 2400 - 1100 BC)
Biagi, Paolo
The Levalloisian assemblages of Sindh (Pakistan) and their importance in the Middle Palaeolithic of the Indian subcontinent
Ehret, Christopher
Linguistic stratigraphies and Holocene history in Northeastern Africa