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Riedmeier-Fischer, Erika: Die Hirschgeweihartefakte von Yverdon, Avenue des Sports, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2017 (Archäologische Berichte, Volume 15).


The print publication was published in 2002 by the Selbstverlag der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte e.V. (DGUF). ISBN 3-7749-3130-5.


Erika Riedmeier-Fischer

Die Hirschgeweihartefakte von Yverdon, Avenue des Sports

The present paper examines deer antler artefacts excavated at the Late Neolithic settlement of Yverdon, Avenue des Sports, at Lake Neuchâtel in Western Switzerland. After introdutory chapters on the status of research and production techniques as well as on the evaluation of existing chronologies, the finds are presented and analysed stratigraphically. The antler artefacts from Yverdon, which date mainly to a period between 2.750-2.550 BC, provide the basis for the interpretation of late Neolithic finds from Western Switzerland compared with those of Eastern Switzerland and the Lake Constance region. In the west, there is a considerable influence of the southern French Saône-Rhône-culture, whereas in the east, a strong assimilation to Corded Ware culture is evident - a fact confirming impressively the already existing pottery analyses. 


Table of Contents
I Untersuchung des Geweihmaterials von Yverdon, Avenue des Sports
II Das Geweihmaterial von Yverdon im Vergleich mit dem anderer Stationen
III Zusammenfassung / Résumé
IV Literatur
V Katalog
VI Tafeln