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Idris, Gamal el-Deen: Die Altsteinzeit im Sudan, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2016 (Archäologische Berichte, Volume 4).


The print publication was published in 1994 by the Selbstverlag der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Ur- und Frühgeschichte e.V. (DGUF). ISBN 978-3-86097-137-6.


Gamal el-Deen Idris

Die Altsteinzeit im Sudan

In his dissertation Gamal el Deen Idris presents Paleolithic findings from Sudan that had not been mentioned in research literature until 1992. Furthermore, findings from the Sahara-expedition of the Institute for Pre- and Early History in Cologne are being described and assessed. History of research and typo-chronology constitute the main focus of this study. For interested readers the comprehensive catalogue of the sites and inventories facilitate approaching this early epoch in  African regions that have been neglected to this day.


Table of Contents
Vorwort des Verfassers
I. Einleitung
IL Zur naturräumlichen Gliederung
III. Zur Geologie des Sudan
IV. Forschungsgeschichte
V. Quellenlage
VI. Das Altpaläolithikum
VII. Das Mittelpaläolithikum
VIII. Zum Jungpaläolithikum
IX. Das Spätpaläolithikum
X. Das Ende des Spätpaläolithikums
XI. Schlußbetrachtung
XII. Literaturverzeichnis
XIII. Fundstellenkatalog
XIV. Summary
XV. Anhang: Karten Tabellen Tafeln