Interregional Contacts in the Later Prehistory of Northeastern Africa
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Krzyżaniak, Lech , Kroeper, Karla und Kobusiewicz, Michał (Hrsg.): Interregional Contacts in the Later Prehistory of Northeastern Africa, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2016 (Studies in African Archaeology, Band 5).

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ISBN 978-3-946654-36-0 (PDF)

Veröffentlicht am 02.12.2016.

Die Originalausgabe erschien 1996 beim Poznan Archaeological Museum, Poznan, ISBN 978-83-900434-7-0.


Krzyżaniak, Lech, Kroeper, Karla, Kobusiewicz, Michał (Hrsg.)

Interregional Contacts in the Later Prehistory of Northeastern Africa

Studies in African Archaeology


Table of Contents
From the Organizers and Editors
List of Participants in the Symposium
Manzo, Andrea
Social complexity and cultural contacts in Northeastern Africa between 3000 and 1000 B.C.
a provisional model
Smith, Andrew B.
The Near Eastern connection II
cultural contacts with the Nile Delta and the Sahara
Barich, Barbara E., Conati, Barbaro Cecilia, Giraudi, Carlo
The archaeology of Jebel Gharbi (Northwest Libya) and the Libyan sequence
Le Quellec, Jean-Loïc
Cultural areas and interregional relations
the case of the Egyptian and Libyan theriomorphs
Barakat, Hala
Anthracological studies in the Northeastern Sahara
methodology and preliminary results from the Nabta Playa
Barich, Barbara E., Hassan, Fekri A., Stoppiello, Alessandra A.
Farafra Oasis between the Sahara and the Nile
Kuper, Rudolph
Between the Oases and the Nile
Djara: Rohlfs’ Cave in the Western Desert
McDonald, Mary M. A.
Relations between Dakhleh Oasis and the Nile Valley in the Mid-Holocene
a discussion
Schild, Romuald, Królik, Halina, Wendorf, Fred, Close, Angela E.
Architecture of Early Neolithic huts at Nabta Playa
Schön, Werner
The Late Neolithic of the Gilf Kebir
evolution and relations
Wendorf, Fred, Schild, Romuald, Zedeno, Nieves
A Late Neolithic megalith complex in the Eastern Sahara
a preliminary report
Adams, Barbara
Imports and imitations in Predynastic funerary contexts at Hierakonpolis
Bard, Kathryn A.
The Predynastic site of Halfiah Gibli, Upper Egypt, and interconnections within the Nagada network
Ellis, Chris
Expressions of social status
a statistical approach to the Late Predynastic/Early Dynastic cemeteries of Kafr Tarkhan
Ginter, Bolesław, Kozłowski, Janusz K., Pawlikowski, Maciej
Raw material procurement in the Tarifian and in the Naqada Culture
a case study from the Nile Valley in Upper Egypt
Holmes, Diane L.
Recent investigations in the Badarian region (Middle Egypt)
Holmes, Diane L.
Lithic assemblages from Hierakonpolis and interregional relations in Predynastic Egypt
Keita, Shomarka O. Y.
Analysis of Naqada Predynastic crania
a brief report
Köhler, Eva Christiana
Evidence for interregional contacts between Late Prehistoric Lower and Upper Egypt
a view from Buto
Lovell, Nancy C., Johnson, Andrew L.
Human biological variation at Nagada
an analysis of dental morphological traits
Midant-Reynes, Béatrix
The Predynastic site of Adaima (Upper Egypt)
Abd el-Moneim, Mohamed Adel M.
Late Predynastic - Early Dynastic cemetery of Beni Amir (Eastern Delta)
Abd el-Moneim, Mohamed Adel M.
Late Predynastic - Early Dynastic mound of Beni Amir (Eastern Delta)
Bakr, Mohamed Ibrahim, Abd el-Moneim, Mohamed Adel M., Selim, Mahmoud Omar M.
Protodynastic excavations at Tell Hassan Dawud (Eastern Delta)
Schmidt, Klaus, Pernicka, Ernst
Lower and Upper Egypt in the Chalcolithic Period
Evidence of the lithic industries: a view from Buto
Thanheiser, Ursula
Local crop production versus import of cereals in the Predynastic period in the Nile Delta
Caneva, Isabella
Survey in Northwestern Sinai
Gophna, Ram
Observations on the earliest phase of relations between Egypt and Canaan during the Early Bronze Age
Caneva, Isabella
Post-Shaheinab Neolithic remains at Geili
Garcea, Elena A. A.
Cultural development in the final hunting-gathering horizons of the Middle and Upper Nile Valley
Gatto, Maria C., Tiraterra, F.
Contacts between the Nubian ”A-Groups" and Predynastic Egypt
Jimeno, Alfredo, Fernández, Victor M., Menéndez, Mario, Lario, Javier
The Mesolithic/Neolithic of the Blue Nile (east bank)
chronological seriation and settlement patterns
Kobusiewicz, Michał
Technology, goals and efficiency of quartz exploitation in the Khartoum Neolithic
the case of Kadero
Kobusiewicz, Michał, Kabaciński, Jacek
Jebel Kobkabba
a Middle Palaeolithic site in Sudanese Nubia
el-Tayeb Mahmoud, Mahmoud
Neolithic sites on the White Nile
Peters, Joris
New light on Mesolithic resource scheduling and site inhahitation in Central Sudan
Fattovich, Rodolfo
The Afro-Arabian circuit
contacts between the Horn of Africa and Southern Arabia in the 3rd - 2nd millennia B.C.
Fujimoto, Tsuyoshi
Experiments in grinding cereals
Hendrickx, Stan
Considerations on the "Analytical Bibliography of the Prehistory and the Early Dynastic Period of Egypt and Northern Sudan"
Huysecom, Eric
Iron Age terracotta pestles in the Sahel area
an ethnoarchaeological approach
Phillips, Jacke
Aegypto-Aegean relations up to the 2nd millennium B.C.
Singh, Purushottam
The origin and dispersal of millet cultivation in India
Young, Suzanne M. M.
Archaeometric analysis of copper swords from Kerma (Nubia)
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