New Titles

New Titles



New on heiBOOKS in December 2017

Heidelberger Physiker berichten: Rückblicke auf Forschung in der Physik und Astronomie. Teil 3: Mikrokosmos und Makrokosmos. Seven renowned Heidelberg physicists report in autobiographical lectures on the development of physics at the end of the 20th and the beginning of the 21th century.


New on heiBOOKS in November 2017

The monograph Methodenstreit und Politikwissenschaft by Johann Lauer investigates the methodological war at the beginning of the 21th century between political science and phronetic political science.

In The Vocal Duets of G. F. Handel and His Italian Contemporaries (c. 1706-1724) Ivan Ćurković compares the vocal duets by Georg Friedrich Händel, dating from 1706 to 1724, with those of his Italian contemporaries. What do they have in common, what distinguishes them?


New on heiBOOKS in October 2017

Johannes Sturm: Der Violoncellist Johann Rudolph Zumsteeg und sein Werk: Sichtweisen der württembergischen Hofmusik im ausgehenden 18. Jahrhundert

Walter Rings: Die altlothringische Übersetzung der Ezechielhomilien Gregors I. des Großen (Codex Bernensis 79): Edition und Analyse

Stephan Kirste: Theorie der Körperschaft des öffentlichen Rechts: Verwaltungshistorische, organisationstheoretische und verwaltungsorganisationsrechtliche Aspekte

Sabine Richling, Martin Baumann, Vincent Heuveline (Hrsg.): Proceedings of the 3rd bwHPC-Symposium


New on heiBOOKS

In her book Essen - Sprache - Identität: Selbstvergewisserung und kulturelle Transformation in der US-kubanischen Gegenwartsliteratur Ana-Sofia Uhl, a scholar of Romance and Americanism, studies what relevance individual authors attribute to the communication systems of language and eating and their impact on the formation and changing processes of cultural identity of Cubans in the US.


New on heiBOOKS

In his work Menschenversuche in der Weimarer Republik the physician and medical historian Andreas Reuland examines human subject research in the Weimar Republic. It bears evidence to the fact that humans were used as "research material" decades before the Nazi era and puts these experiments into a contemporary discourse.


New on heiBOOKS

Vignettes by Udo Bayer
A great number of notable personalities who achieved extraordinary success in a wide variety of fields came from the rural community of Laupheim in Württemberg. Laupheim expert Udo Bayer combines a concise historical overview of the former German-Jewish community of Laupheim with six vignettes of these distinguished people. Originally published in German, it is now available in an English translation on heiBOOKS.


Von Open Access bis Open Research Data: Infrastrukturen für offene Wissenschaft an der Universität Heidelberg

Talk by Jochen Apel and Maria Effinger (UB Heidelberg), Tuesday 16th March, 3 pm, Uni Heidelberg, Neue Universität, HS 14, 2. OG on occasion of the E-Science-Days


New on heiBOOKS

Anastasia Kozyreva: Phenomenology of Affective Subjectivity. The PhD thesis in philosophy, completed at the University of Heidelberg in 2016, takes a phenomenological approach to the unity and connectivity of subjective experience as constituted on the pre-reflective or pre-cognitive level.


New on heiBOOKS

Legitimation of power at the end of the Hundred Years' War: How the French King Charles VII (1403-1461) won the council over is subject of the newly published PhD thesis „Charles VII et le conseil municipal rouennais“ von Elise Wintz.


Series of events Open Access at noon: Publishing with the Heidelberg University

On occasion of the open acces week, 24-30 October 2016, the University Library invites you in your lunch break to inform you about the various publishing options Heidelberg University offers. Start: 1 pm in the manuscript reading room (round chamber) of the library.


New on heiBOOKS

Some of the older volumes of "Schriften der Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg" are now being published online with immediate effectThe publication series, established in 1999, includes catalogues of exhibitions - mostly presenting in-house-collections - which took place at Heidelberg University Library, in collaboration with institutes of Heidelberg University or external partners.

New on heiBOOKS

The Catalogues of the Heidelberg University Museum are now being published online with immediate effect. The newest volume accompanies the exhibition "Religion in Ex-Position" and is freely available. It was published in 2014/2015 by the Institute of Religious Studies in collaboration with the Heidelberg University Museum.

Are you aware of the platform It offers detailed information on the subject of Open Access and a practical implementation guide. provides well-edited, customized concepts, information on legal, organizational and technical framework conditions, shares concrete experiences with the realization, and introduces initiatives, services and position papers.


New Titles

New Titles


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