New Titles

New Titles



New on heiBooks: Sara Springfeld, Modi di cantar sonetti

In the volume Modi di cantar sonetti the musicologist Sara Springfeld concentrates on Italian sonnets from Francesco Petrarca to Giambattista Marino, which became popular text sources for the Frottola, the Madrigal and accompanied solo song in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries.


New: Heidelberger Physiker berichten, vol. 4 and 5

Volumes 4  and 5 are the last volumes of the series “Heidelberger Physiker berichten”.  While the focus of the fourth volume lies on important applications that have been derived from Physics, the  fifth volume is a detailed documentation of the entire spectrum of its practice in Heidelberg. The documentation ranges from the largest dimensions of our cosmos to its fundamental elementary particles. From the greatest energies of powerful accelerators to the smallest energies of ultracold neutrons. And lastly, from the seemingly simple systems of the nucleon to the most complex systems of our environment and the human brain.


New release on heiBOOKS

Lukas Ruprecht Herbert: Die akademische Gerichtsbarkeit der Universität Heidelberg Rechtsprechung, Statuten und Gerichtsorganisation von der Gründung der Universität 1386 bis zum Ende der eigenständigen Gerichtsbarkeit 1867, Hardcover 472 pp, 39,90 Euro.


New book out: „Russischsprachige Bevölkerung in Osteuropa – von der Titularnation zur Minderheit“

The democratic transformation in the successor states of the Soviet Union had a deep impact on the social position of the Russian-speakers living there. Despite forming a big group and neither having a strong homogeneity nor acting as a political or social cohort, they are often perceived as a minority, hence partly placed in disadvantage both juridically and socioeconomically. The aim of this study by Anne Jürgens is to address this problem by comparison of the development in the Baltic States, specifically in Estonia, and in Ukraine.


Exhibition catalogue "Christians and Muslims along the Nile" is online

Using Greek, Coptic and Arabic papyrus and archaeological objects, the exhibition catalogue illustrates the changes and continuities within Egypt's Early Arabic period after the Arabic request.


New on heiBOOKS

Six notable Heidelberg physicists report in autobiographical lectures on the development of physics in the second half of the 20th century: Heidelberger Physiker berichten – Rückblicke auf Forschung in der Physik und Astronomie, Band 2: Grundlegende Beiträge zur Physik der Atomkerne und der Sternatmosphären.


New Titles

New Titles


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