Between the Viewer and the Work: Encounters in Space
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ZERO foundation, Caianiello, Tiziana and Könches, Barbara (Eds.): Between the Viewer and the Work: Encounters in Space: Essays on ZERO Art, Heidelberg:, 2019.

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ISBN 978-3-947449-81-1 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-947449-82-8 (Softcover)

Published 27.09.2019.


ZERO foundation, Tiziana Caianiello and Barbara Könches (Eds.)

Between the Viewer and the Work: Encounters in Space

Essays on ZERO Art

The international art movement ZERO, which formed towards the end of the 1950s, created works of art that penetrate the viewer’s space in various ways: for example, through reflections of light, motion, projections, or spatial expansion.

This development is to be seen in the context of a general tendency towards abandoning the painting, which could be witnessed around 1960 in a number of countries: From two-dimensional pictures to objects and spatial installations, the works increasingly encroach on the space of the viewer and demand different grades of participation. What role does ZERO play in this context?

An international conference held in Düsseldorf in 2018 on occasion of the event ZERO: Please turn! dealt with this question. The publication contains the contributions to the conference.

Front Matter
Conference Photographs
Barbara Könches
Preface: Encounters in Space
Tiziana Caianiello
Introduction: Please turn …
Julia Robinson
0 / 60 / 10: Turn … slowly, extremely; Calibrating ZERO to Changing Time(s)
Ulli Seegers
Art for All: Lines of Tradition and Development of a Central Narrative of Art since ZERO
Luke Skrebowski
Jack Burnham, ZERO, and Art from Field to System
Cornelia Escher
GEAM and ZERO: Spaces between Architecture and Art
Zabet Patterson
Turning On: Technological Circuits in USCO and Zero
Seth Riskin, Margriet Schavemaker
Breaking Boundaries