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Ćurković, Ivan: The Vocal Duets of G. F. Handel and His Italian Contemporaries (c. 1706-1724), Heidelberg: heiBOOKS, 2017.

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Published 21.11.2017.


Ivan Ćurković

The Vocal Duets of G. F. Handel and His Italian Contemporaries (c. 1706-1724)

The vocal duets of G. F. Handel are distinguished by a greater musical and dramaturgical diversity compared to the duets of his contemporaries, but this diversity has not yet been systematically examined in different contexts. This study investigates them in two genre traditions, that of the chamber duet and that of the so-called “dramatic duet”, a component of genres such as opera, cantata and serenata. It concentrates on London in the period 1706–1724 in order to explore to what extent Handel's treatment of duets differs from the contributions by his Italian contemporaries, who were either active in London at the time (e. g. G. Bononcini) or whose works were performed parallel to his.

Ivan Ćurković teaches musicology at the University of Zagreb (Academy of Music). He studied musicology, comparative literature and Hungarian studies in Zagreb and received his Ph.D. at the Musicology Department of Heidelberg University. His research interests are dramatic vocal genres of the first half of the 18th century with particular emphasis on the works of G. F. Handel and his contemporaries.

Front Matter
1. Introduction
2. Chamber Duet
3. Dramatic Duet
4. List of all Music Examples
5. Bibliography