Kleine Schriften des Ägyptischen Museums Leipzig

The “Kleine Schriften des Ägyptischen Museums Leipzig” (booklet publications of the Leipzig Egyptian Museum) is a series of Egyptology themed monographs. They are published by the Georg Steindorff Egyptian Museum on behalf of the University of Leipzig.

They have been issued since 1997 on topics connected to the Egyptian Museum of the University of Leipzig. Themes range from exhibitions and research to historical works on the roots of Egyptology. An effort has been made to publish frequently and at low cost, in the furtherance of promoting Egyptology and enhancing the profile of projects supported by the institute.

As of 2020, the museum has started to publish some works using an open access model. A paper documenting the Egyptian-German research project in Heliopolis has been the first to be published by the museum in this way.

Volumes 1 through 12 of this series were produced with offset printing runs. They helped bring Egyptology conducted in Leipzig to a wider audience. Among them, biographical essays on the Egyptologist Georg Steindorff (1861-1951) and his research projects in Giza and the Siwa Oasis. As well as exhibition projects; such as the collection of Julius Kurth (1870-1949). While other volumes introduced museum visitors to aspects of ancient Egyptian culture using selected objects from the museum's collection to.

Among the planned editions of the “Kleine Schriften des Ägyptischen Museums Leipzig”, is a collection of essays on the Leipzig Egyptologist Georg Ebers (1873-1898). Further information on publications and activities of the Egyptian Museum can be found at www.aegyptisches-museum.uni-leipzig.de.

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