Forschungen und Berichte zur Archäologie in Baden-Württemberg

The book series „Forschungen und Berichte zur Archäologie in Baden-Württemberg“ contains monographs and collected volumes on the full time span of prehistory, protohistory, the archaeology of the roman provinces and of the middle ages to early modern times. The books feature excavation results which have been achieved by federal state archaeology in Baden-Wuerttemberg and compiled in university theses or analysed by research projects.

The series is edited by the State Office for Cultural Heritage Preservation of the Regional Administrative Authority of Stuttgart. In 2016, it replaced and pooled the former three parallel series “Forschungen und Berichte zur Vor- und Frühgeschichte in Baden-Württemberg“, „Forschungen und Berichte der Archäologie des Mittelalters in Baden-Württemberg“ and „Materialhefte zur Archäologie in Baden-Württemberg“. The volumes will be published in open access two years after the release of the print edition.

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