Distant Worlds Journal Special Issues

The DWJ Special Issues are volumes published separately to the regular issues of the Distant Worlds Journal (DWJ). The DWJ is an electronic peer-reviewed journal, that offers Doctoral Students and Post-Docs in Ancient Studies a platform to publish their ideas and the results of their research. Each regular issue of the journal is concerned with a main theme that can be addressed by researchers of different ancient cultures and likewise approached from different perspectives.

Distant Worlds brings together scholars of different fields of ancient studies to discuss ancient societies and their material remains through overarching issues and questions. The DWJ Special Issues are a potential publication platform for workshops and conferences organised by members (and former members) of the Graduate School for Ancient Studies Distant Worlds of the Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich. Like the regular issues of the DWJ, these Special Issues also serve as a forum for interdisciplinary discussion, and to disseminate the work of all participating early career scholars to an international audience.

Albert Dietz, M. A.
Distant Worlds: Munich Graduate School for Ancient Studies
Doctoral Fellow
Schellingstr. 3
80799 München
E-Mail: dw-journal@mzaw.lmu.de