Digital Classics Books

Digital Classics Books is a series of Open Access monographs which is open for contributions such as documents written as part of an academic qualification, produced in the context of a Digital Humanities project. Also eligible are more comprehensive individual works, e.g. collected volumes containing several contributions based around a common subject or theme.

Digital Classics Books publishes works on Classical Studies and related areas that apply or develop methods from the Digital Humanities.E-books are freely available for download by users. Futher reaching possibilities of electronic publishing can be realised with this form of publication, as this series allows research data to be integrated directly into the book or placed within a data repository. This provides readers not only with limited results in appendices, but with access to exported and edited versions of the complete results of research in the form of tables in the data repository.

This series allows electronic and printed publications to complement each other, as all titles are also offered as print-on-demand. Published works therefore appear simultaneously in various versions: as free digital copies (PDF or HTML versions), or as a printed book (hardback or paperback), available at a reasonable price from bookshops or online suppliers. The intention is to offer authors an interesting place to publish in addition to our e-journal Digital Classics Online which combines the requirement of the traditionally book-oriented disciplines for printed books from a publisher, with publication in a no-cost Open Access forum that conforms to our expectations

Dr. Roxana Kath
Dr. Michaela Rücker
Prof. Dr. Reinhold Scholl
Prof. Dr. Charlotte Schubert

Prof. Dr. Charlotte Schubert
Lehrstuhl für Alte Geschichte
Historisches Seminar
Universität Leipzig
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D-04107 Leipzig
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