Archäologie und Geschichte

Freiburger Forschungen zum ersten Jahrtausend in Südwestdeutschland

Under the title „Archäologie und Geschichte. Freiburger Forschungen zum ersten Jahrtausend in Süddeutschland“ the research network „Archäologie und Geschichte des ersten Jahrtausends in Südwestdeutschland“ („Archaeology and history of the first millenium in southern Germany”) based at Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg has been publishing monographs and collected writings since 1986. Founded in 1984 it today comprises the subjects of prehistoric archeology, provincial Roman archeology as well protohistoric archeology and archeology of the middle ages, medieval history and regional history.

The aim of the research network is to use an interdisciplinary approach in exploring fundamental conditions and changes within the first millennium AC, conjecturing a “long” millennium dating from the pre-Roman iron age of the Celts and the Roman era until the high medieval era of town foundations. The research projects ranges from studies on Roman villas, mountain-top stations of the late antiquity, from late Roman border fortifications to late medieval castles, from the social structures of the early middle ages to the nobility groups of the high middle ages, from social identities to archaeo-metallurgy.

The volumes publish monographs, mainly exceptional dissertations as well as collected writings, compiling the papers of several conferences. The four volume handbook “Die Burgen im mittelalterlichen Breisgau“ (The castles in medieval Breisgau) is also part of this series.

The series is published with Thorbecke-Verlag, first in printed copies and then, with a moving wall of two years, free of charge online on this platform.

Current editors
Prof. Dr. Sebastian Brather
Prof. Dr. Jürgen Dendorfer
Prof. Dr. Alexander Heising
Prof. Dr. Christoph Huth


1436-2686 (Print)
2751-0972 (Online)