Romano-Germanic Commission

The Romano-Germanic Commission (RGK) of the German Archaeological Institute (DAI) was founded in 1902. A scholarly organisation domiciled in Frankfurt a. M., it promotes and undertakes research in the field of Pre- and Protohistory, and the Archaeology of the Roman Provinces. Currently its main focus is on settlement and land use, as well as the construction and crossing of frontiers from the Neolithic to Late Antiquity in North-West, Central and South-East Europe. It also plays a particular role in the integration, advancement and promotion of archaeological research.

To achieve these goals the RGK publishes two highly rated international journals, since 1905 the „Bericht der Römisch-Germanischen Kommission“ and since 1917 the „Germania“. Both are peer-reviewed and present articles in English, German and French. In addition, it also publishes monographs and volumes of collected papers, including „Römisch-Germanische Forschungen“ (RGF).

In close cooperation with Propylaeum, the volumes of the following journals and series are at present being made available as Open Access publications::

In future, the publications of the directors and employees of the RGK will generally rule be made available on the full-text server of the Fachinformationsdienst Altertumswissenschaft, Propylaeum-DOK.

The RGK's library contains 190,000 volumes and some 3,000 journals, making it the largest specialist library for Pre- and Protohistory in Europe. Its holdings are accessible in PropylaeumSEARCH via iDAI.bibliography (Zenon).

In addition, through its archives, which include not just documents on the RGK, but also the academic estates and correspondence of German and foreign scholars, the RGK is actively involved in the biographical information system Propylaeum-VITAE, which it has developed together with other research institutes.

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