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New Titles



Lutz Grunwald, Die römischen und frühmittelalterlichen Töpfereien von Mayen. Ein Produktionszentrum von europäischer Bedeutung

The Mayen ware produced in Mayen is considered characteristic and relevant to dating. These ceramic products were formative for parts of the ancient European economic structure. The Mayen potteries were part of the pre-modern industrial area between the Eastern Eifel and the Rhine.


Martin Bentz, Michael Heinzelmann (Eds.), Sessions 11–12, Single Contributions – Poster Sessions

In this collective volume, single contributions from sessions 11 and 12 deal with digital topics such as computational approaches and 3D documentation in archaeology and building research. On the other hand, the studies include topics on ancient sculptures and sanctuaries as well as the rituals associated with them.
Furthermore, the numerous transcribed posters which have been presented and discussed during the congress week in the context of a poster session are published in this volume.


Rudolf Bergmann, Die Wüstungen des Hoch- und Ostsauerlandes. Studien zur Kulturlandschaftsentwicklung in Mittelalter und früher Neuzeit

Deserted sites – rural settlements abandoned in the Middle Ages – are an important but often neglected factor in the development of today's cultural landscape. The research of the author Rudolf Bergmann, which is supported by the European funding program LEADER, is dedicated to these deserted sites.


Aysche Maren Landmann, Die Rezeption römischer Schlachtenreliefs im Antikenfilm

The aim of this book is to identify these clues by analysing examples of battle reliefs from the Roman imperial era and from battle scenes in movies set in ancient Rome, thereby providing insights into the societal concepts and values of the time in which the depictions were created.


Martin Bentz, Michael Heinzelmann (Ed.), Sessions 6–8, Single Contributions

This collective volume contains single contributions from sessions 6, 7 and 8 of the series Archaeology and Economy in the Ancient World – Proceedings of the 19th International Congress of Classical Archaeology, Cologne/Bonn 2018, which discuss questions about consumption and investment in everyday life, sanctuaries and urban contexts, as well as questions about the role of the city in the ancient economy.


Bernhard Rudnick, Die verzierte Arretina aus Oberaden und Haltern

The publication of the decorated Arretine ceramics from the Roman encampments on the river Lippe at Oberaden and Haltern is of great interest, above all because historical events as well as dendrochronological and numismatic investigations have established the dating of the camps to the period between 11 BC and AD 9.


New Titles

New Titles


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