Vox ex imagine
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Krause, Celia: Vox ex imagine: Formen des Zusammenwirkens von Bild und ›sprechender‹ Beischrift in der antiken Flächenkunst, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2022. https://doi.org/10.11588/propylaeum.984

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ISBN 978-3-96929-118-4 (PDF)
ISBN 978-3-96929-119-1 (Hardcover)

Published 05.10.2022.


Celia Krause

Vox ex imagine

Formen des Zusammenwirkens von Bild und ›sprechender‹ Beischrift in der antiken Flächenkunst


All written additions that are related to images are referred to as 'captions'. In ancient art, this mainly includes all kinds of names.
So-called 'speaking' captions are a special case, because they offer insight into the world of acoustics and enrich the figurative representations with the materially tangible dimension of spoken language. 'Speaking' captions not only bring images to life, but also ascribe new content to them, which could not have been conveyed in the same way without any inscription.
For the first time, this book describes the phenomenon of 'speaking' captions exclusively and in detail, taking different perspectives. Many concrete case studies illustrate how image and text can interact, especially on mosaics and wall paintings. The practical tasks of the voices in the pictures are successfully worked out, in part with the help of parallels on vases.

Additional information you find here: https://doi.org/10.11588/data/0QQVJK

Celia Krause holds a M.A. and PhD in Classical Archaeology (Classics) from Heidelberg University. After various positions as a research assistant at Heidelberg University Library, at Darmstadt University of Technology and as a library trainee at Darmstadt University Library, she is currently working in research data management at Foto Marburg Image Archive, a research and service center for Art History. Her areas of work and special interests include Data Quality Management, (digital) Image and Text Science, as well as Data Analysis and Modeling.

1 Einleitung
2 γνῶθι σεαυτόν. Bild und Beischrift als Medien der Zurschaustellung von paideia
3 Astyanax vicit. Bild und Beischrift konservieren die Geräuschkulisse der spectacula
4 Facitis vobis suaviter. Bild und Beischrift als Zeugnis für ›konviviale‹ Kommunikation
5 Invidiosibus quod videtis. Bild und Beischrift mit apotropäischer Funktion
6 Quodvultdeus dixit. Bild und Beischrift mit kultbezogener Funktion
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