Integration durch Sprache
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Kipf, Stefan (Ed.): Integration durch Sprache: Schüler nichtdeutscher Herkunftssprache lernen Latein, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2021.

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ISBN 978-3-96929-048-4 (PDF)

Published 18.03.2021.

The print publication was published 2014 by C.C. Buchner Verlag, Bamberg 2014, ISBN 978 - 3 -7661- 8004 - 9.


Stefan Kipf (Ed.)

Integration durch Sprache

Schüler nichtdeutscher Herkunftssprache lernen Latein

Pupils of non-German origin are taking part in Latin lessons in increasing numbers. While the promotion of German language competence in native speakers is one of the traditional topoi of subject justification, this does not apply to second language learners. International experience, however, gives indications of remarkable potentials of Latin teaching for the development of second language competence.

What are these potentials, what can Latin teaching do to support children and young people of non-German origin? On the basis of new research findings, this volume offers a didactic concept and a wealth of teaching suggestions.

Professor of Didactics of Ancient Languages at HU Berlin; among others, Chairman of the German Association of Classical Philologists (2007-2011), Founding Director of the Professional School of Education at HU (2011-2016), Dean of the Faculty of Linguistics and Literary Studies (since 2021). Main fields of work: History of classical language teaching and classical philology; history and theory of humanistic education, language education. Didactics of literature, textbook research, further development of teacher training.

Stefan Kipf
Stefan Kipf, Katharina Frings
Maria Große, Katrin Siebel, Stefan Kipf
Heike Schaumburg, Maria Große
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