Ambassadors, Artists, Theologians
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Chitwood, Zachary and Pahlitzsch, Johannes (Eds.): Ambassadors, Artists, Theologians: Byzantine Relations with the Near East from the Ninth to the Thirteenth Centuries, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2020 (Byzanz zwischen Orient und Okzident, Vol. 12).

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ISBN 978-3-948465-65-0 (PDF)

Published 23.06.2020.

The print publication was published in 2019 by Verl. d. Römisch-Germanischen Zentralmuseums, Mainz, ISBN 978-3-88467-314-0.


Zachary Chitwood and Johannes Pahlitzsch (Eds.)

Ambassadors, Artists, Theologians

Byzantine Relations with the Near East from the Ninth to the Thirteenth Centuries

Byzanz zwischen Orient und Okzident

The contributors in the edited volume »Ambassadors, Artists, Theologians: Byzantine Relations with the Near East from the Ninth to the Thirteenth Centuries« examine the complex dynamics which arose between the Byzantine Empire and the Near East. Moving beyond the tradition of histoire événementielle, the contributions collected here highlight the passing of artistic practices, ideas and interlocutors between Byzantium and the Islamicate world. In this way, this volume seeks to nuance and contextualize our understanding of the relationship between these two medieval cultural spheres.

Zachary Chitwood, Johannes Pahlitzsch
Asa Eger
The Agricultural Landscape of the Umayyad North and the Islamic-Byzantine Frontier
Ute Versteegen
How to Share a Sacred Place – The Parallel Christian and Muslim Use of the Major Christian Holy Sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem
Robert Schick
The Christian Presence in Jordan in the Ninth and Tenth Centuries
Nicolas Drocourt
Arabic-speaking Ambassadors in the Byzantine Empire (from the Ninth to Eleventh Centuries)
Bettina Krönung
The Employment of Christian Mediators by Muslim Rulers in Arab-Byzantine Diplomatic Relations in the Tenth and Early Eleventh Centuries
Alexander Beihammer
Changing Strategies and Ideological Concepts in Byzantine-Arab Relations in the Eleventh and Twelfth Centuries
Mat Immerzeel
Painters, Patrons, and Patriarchs Byzantine Artists in the Latin and Islamic Middle East of the Thirteenth Century
Lucy-Anne Hunt
The Byzantine Emperor Michael VIII (1261-1282) and Greek Orthodox / Melkite-Genoese Cultural Agency in a Globalised World: Art at Sinai, Behdaidat, of the pallio of San Lorenzo in Genoa, and in Mamluk Egypt
Elizabeth Dospěl Williams
Dressing the Part: Jewelry as Fashion in the Medieval Middle East
Alicia Walker
Pseudo-Arabic as a Christian Sign: Monks, Manuscripts, and the Iconographic Program of Hosios Loukas
Robert Hillenbrand
The Lure of the Exotic: The Byzantine Heritage in Islamic Book Painting
Benjamin de Lee
Niketas Byzantios, Islam, and the Aristotelian Shift in Ninth-century Byzantium
Alexander Treiger
Greek into Arabic in Byzantine Antioch: ʿAbdallāh ibn al-Faḍl’s »Book of the Garden« (Kitāb ar-rawḍa)
Sidney Griffith
Islam and Orthodox Theology in Arabic: The »Melkite« Tradition from the Ninth to the Thirteenth Centuries
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