Gammertingen, St. Michael
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Frommer, Sören (Ed.): Gammertingen, St. Michael: Auswertung der archäologischen Ausgrabungen insbesondere unter herrschafts-, siedlungs- und landesgeschichtlicher Fragestellung, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2020 (Forschungen und Berichte zur Archäologie in Baden-Württemberg, Vol. 4).

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ISBN 978-3-948465-20-9 (PDF)

Published 04.02.2020.

The print publication was published in 2017 by Dr. Ludwig Reichert Verlag Wiesbaden, ISBN 978-3-95490-230-9.


Sören Frommer (Ed.)

Gammertingen, St. Michael

Auswertung der archäologischen Ausgrabungen insbesondere unter herrschafts-, siedlungs- und landesgeschichtlicher Fragestellung

Forschungen und Berichte zur Archäologie in Baden-Württemberg

Located on the edge of the late medieval town of Gammertingen, the unimposing chapel of St. Michael is a relic of a high nobility estate of the 10th–12th centuries AD, whose roots go back to the Merovingian period. Interdisciplinary analyses of the archaeological excavations give an extraordinary insight into the emergence and development of a medieval dynastic estate and at the same time indicate the role of local tradition already in the early days of aristocratic development. Starting immediately with the first massive church built around 980 AD, the chapel is used as a dynastic burial site by the resident high nobility. But also for later phases, St. Michael’s chapel provides first-hand information, for example on the epochal conflict between Gammertingen’s town lord Dietrich von Speth and Duke Ulrich of Württemberg in the 16th century.

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