Monsters and the Mind
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Wolf, Diana: Monsters and the Mind: Composite Creatures and Social Cognition in Aegean Bronze Age Glyptic, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2019 (Daidalos – Heidelberger Abschlussarbeiten zur Klassischen Archäologie, Vol. 9).

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ISBN 978-3-947450-45-9 (PDF)

Published 26.06.2019.


Diana Wolf

Monsters and the Mind

Composite Creatures and Social Cognition in Aegean Bronze Age Glyptic

Daidalos – Heidelberger Abschlussarbeiten zur Klassischen Archäologie

Monsters and the Mind constitutes a first systematic approach to the extant repertoire of “monster” depictions on Aegean Bronze Age seals and sealings with a special focus on Minoan Crete. The study categorizes and frames a typology of hybrids and composite creatures such as griffins and bird-ladies, Minoan Genii and Dragons, and interprets these in the context of their respective times of origin and circulation. A comprehensive catalogue including all published seals bearing hybrids and composite creatures supplements the typological and interpretative approach of the text.

1. Introduction
2. Monsters and Meanings
3. Composite Creatures on Seals and Sealings – Occasional Hybrids
4. Composite Creatures on Seals and Sealings – Fixed Hybrids
5. Towards an Understanding of the Social Cognition
6. Conclusion