Gerechte Götter?
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Berti, Irene: Gerechte Götter?: Vorstellungen von göttlicher Vergeltung im Mythos und Kult des archaischen und klassischen Griechenlands, Heidelberg: Propylaeum, 2017.

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ISBN 978-3-946654-53-7 (Softcover)
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Published 20.04.2017.


Irene Berti

Gerechte Götter?

Vorstellungen von göttlicher Vergeltung im Mythos und Kult des archaischen und klassischen Griechenlands

In ancient Greek mentality, gods would not judge human beings according to abstract rules; their justice would rather work along mechanisms of reciprocity. In literature, for instance, there are many occurrences of the (comforting) thought that citizens behaving correctly would be rewarded by the gods. This implies, however, that negative acts would dissolve this good relationship, resulting in the anger of the gods and heavy consequences. This book analyses the mechanisms of divine retribution: using literary, epigraphical and archaeological sources, it aims to investigate what happens when the gods are angry and how the fear of divine punishment is mirrored in cultic practice. The monograph also studies the ways in which individuals, who feel that they have been victims of injustice, would invoke divine retribution on the wrongdoers.

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Prescindendo da queste mie due note critiche, il libro di I. Berti rappresenta una lettura stimolante che indubbiamente arricchisce il lettore, fornendo, come detto, stimoli per ulteriori ricerche ed approfondimenti.

Gian Franco Chiai, in Mythos [En ligne], 12 | 2018, mis en ligne le 24 septembre 2019, consulté le 20 juillet 2020 .

Irene Berti studied Ancient History, Archeology, Classical Philology and Religious Studies in Rome, Athens and Heidelberg. She is a former associate of the Institute of Ancient History and Epigraphy of Heidelberg University and the Collaborative Research Centre 933 "Material Text Cultures." Her research focuses on Greek religion and reception of the ancient world.

Teil A: Die göttliche Gerechtigkeit
Teil B: Die Gottheiten der Gerechtigkeit
Teil C: Göttliche Gerechtigkeit im Kult und im kulturellen Diskurs