Propylaeum eBOOKS supports Open Access as a publication model for the dissemination of research results and free access to scientific information. We offer classical scholars worldwide the opportunity to publish their research results electronically, promptly and free of charge, thus increasing the visibility and impact of their publications. We publish both first publications of scientific works („golden path“ of Open Access) and second publications („green path“ of Open Access), i.e. the additional publication of a printed work.

Propylaeum eBooks is commited to the following principles:

  • The primary form of publishing is the Open Access online-publication in various digital formats (PDF, HTML).
  • In addition to the freely accessible digital formats, Propylaeum eBOOKS offers the publication as a printed book (Print-on-Demand). Hard or softcover editions can be purchased from bookstores.
  • We publish monographs, anthologies, exhibition catalogs, conference proceedings and commemorative publications from all fields of classical studies. As a rule, our publication profile does not include conference and congress reports, activity reports or popular scientific publications.
  • We accept phd-dissertations if they are rated "Summa cum laude" or "Magna cum laude".
  • Compliance with scientific quality standards is the most important criterion for publication in Propylaeum eBOOKS. This should be ensured, for example, in the case of dissertations through the recommendation of the reviewers or in the case of scientific series by the editors.
  • Titles published with Propylaeum-eBOOKS receive a DOI and their own ISBN and can therefore be permanently referenced. Book series also receive an ISSN.

At the heart of our current activities in the field of electronic publishing is the development of multimedia publishing possibilities. Structured scientific texts can be linked with images, maps or 3D visualizations ("Enhanced eBooks"). This type of publication is particularly well suited to the needs of scholars whose work is not only text-based, but who base their research on multimedia data such as videos, images or sound recordings.

Propylaeum eBOOKS is supported by the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) within the context of the Propylaeum Specialized Information Service and is administered by the Heidelberg University Library.

The open source software OMP (Open Monograph Press) by the Public Knowledge Project (PKP) is used.

Are you interested in a publication with Propylaeum-eBOOKS? For more information on publishing and legal issues, please visit our Seite „Publishing“ page.