Universitätsmuseum Heidelberg


While offering insights into the multifaceted areas of research at the Ruperto Carola - from big bang theory to contemporary Art - the exhibitions also show the output of teaching courses and contributions from civic organisations regarding university related subjects. Often these small exhibitions are documented in companion volumes published in  the series "Universitätsmuseum Heidelberg. Kataloge".

Originally designed as a handout for visitors, they are now accessible to a wider audience, thanks to the online publication of the catalogues by the University Museum of Heidelberg with the support of the University Library.
With their condensed content and clear presentation they are helpful both to experts who are researching rarely published objects and archives, and to the interested amateur who would like to learn more about an unusual topic.

Schriften der Universitätsbibliothek Heidelberg

The publication series, established in 1999, includes catalogues of exhibitions - mostly presenting in-house-collections - which took place  at Heidelberg University Library, in collaboration with institutes of
Heidelberg University or external partners. The series also comprises  several inventories of significant estates edited by the University Library. Individual volumes are gradually being made available online.
Printed versions can be bought in bookshops or ordered directly from the University library.

FEST kompakt

Analysen – Stellungnahmen – Perspektiven

The series „FEST kompakt“ brings together contributions on current political and social issues from the ongoing work of the interdisciplinary research centre of the Protestant Studies Association (FEST) in Heidelberg. Each volume introduces – starting from a central concept, a current controversy or a thesis to be discussed – into a scientific field. The aim is to present essential topics and questions in a way that is generally understandable to interested parties.

FEST Forschung

The series "FEST Forschung" brings together research contributions from the ongoing scientific work of the Protestant Institute for Interdisciplinary Research (FEST) in Heidelberg. The range of topics in the series reflects the main areas of research at FEST: Peace – Sustainable Development - Religion, Law and Culture – Theology and Natural Science. The contributions to the series focus on current social issues and discourses. They provide analyses for the scientific field and give orientation for churches, society and politics.