Von der Forschung gezeichnet
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Nawa, Christine and Meinel, Christoph (Eds.): Von der Forschung gezeichnet: Instrumente und Apparaturen in Heidelberger Laboratorien, skizziert von Friedrich Veith (1817–1907), Heidelberg: heiBOOKS, 2020. https://doi.org/10.11588/heibooks.793

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ISBN 978-3-948083-33-5 (PDF)

Published 15.12.2020.


Christine Nawa and Christoph Meinel (Eds.)

Von der Forschung gezeichnet

Instrumente und Apparaturen in Heidelberger Laboratorien, skizziert von Friedrich Veith (1817–1907)

In the heyday of the University of Heidelberg in the 19th century luminaries such as the chemist Robert Bunsen, the physicist Gustav Kirchhoff and the physiologist Hermann Helmholtz coined the University’s fame. They had their scientific instruments and experimental setups depicted by the University’s drawing teacher Friedrich Veith (1817–1907). A portfolio of some 50 of his drawings from 1856 to 1891forms a unique source for the experimental culture of that period. It also testifies to the importance of visual communication in science and to the role of the many ‘invisible hands’ on which research depends.

Christine Nawa is a historian of the physical sciences. From 2005 to 2008 she received a research fellowship from the Stadt Heidelberg Stiftung. After two years as Fellow at the Chemical Heritage Foundation in Philadelphia she worked as trainee at Tübingen’s University Museum. Since 2015 she is Collections Manager in Göttingen’s University’s Centre for Collection Development.

Christoph Meinel is a historian of science with focus on the early modern period and on the history of chemistry. From 1990 to 2015 he held the chair for history of science at the University of Regensburg.

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Note to the Second Edition
Christoph Meinel, Christine Nawa
Christoph Meinel, Christine Nawa
1. Einleitung
Christoph Meinel, Christine Nawa, Kristina Marjanovic, Peter Konečný, Benjamin Mirwald
Christoph Meinel, Julia Böttcher, Matthias Fürst, Esther Mittermeier, Simone Gerber, Martin Pieper
Christoph Meinel, Michael Süß, Martin Merkl, Nicolás Sánchez Guerrero, Kristina Marjanovic, Christine Nawa
Christoph Meinel, Martin Pieper, Kristina Marjanovic, Martin Merkl, Julia Böttcher, Michael Süß, Christine Nawa, Nicolás Sánchez Guerrero, Matthias Fürst, Peter Konečný, Esther Mittermeier
8. Literatur