Proceedings of the 3rd Dune User Meeting (2015)
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Leibner, Tobias, Milk, René and Schindler, Felix: Extending DUNE: The dune-xt modules, in: Blatt, Markus, Flemisch, Bernd and Sander, Oliver (Eds.): Proceedings of the 3rd Dune User Meeting (2015): Archive of Numerical Software - Special Issue 2017, Heidelberg: heiBOOKS, 2017, p. 193-216.

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Published 24.07.2017.

Tobias Leibner, René Milk, Felix Schindler

Extending DUNE: The dune-xt modules

Abstract We present our effort to extend and complement the core modules of the Distributed and Unified Numerics Environment DUNE ( by a well tested and structured collection of utilities and concepts. We describe key elements of our four modules dune-xt-common, dune-xt-grid, dune-xt-la and dune-xt-functions, which aim at further enabling the programming of generic algorithms within DUNE as well as adding an extra layer of usability and convenience.